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Trump advocates who deny undocumented immigrants the right to due process

President Donald Trump pleaded strongly on Sunday to withdraw undocumented immigration rights from undocumented immigrants on the grounds that people who illegally cross the border into the United States are intruders and should be expelled immediately without trial or a judge [196592002] Trump's attack on the justice system created more confusion as legislators struggled for unity in immigration legislation, and federal authorities thwarted thousands of migrant children and their parents who were separated at the border as part of an administrative policy that the president abruptly reversed.

Parliament is preparing to vote on a broader GOP naturalization law this week, but although the White House supports the legislation, its chances of being adopted on Sunday seemed low, both because the Democrats are opposed to the measure also because Republicans have long been divided over how restrictive immigration laws should be.

Meanwhile some GOP legislators They prepared a tighter bill this weekend, which was only intended to address one of the mistakes in Trump's executive order, which stipulates that migrant children and parents should not be separated during their imprisonment. The Flores Settlement of 1

997 requires children to be released after 20 days, but the GOP proposal would allow children and their parents to stay together in detention centers after 20 days.

At the heart of the negotiations is a president who upheld his hardline rhetoric while giving inconsistent directions to the Republican ally. In a tweets sent to his Virginia golf course late Sunday morning while driving from the White House, Trump described immigrants as intruders, called "immoral" US immigration laws, and wrote that they needed to be changed to undocumented rights remove migrants

"We can not allow all these people to invade our country," wrote Trump. "If somebody comes in, we need to get them back from where they came from, without judges or lawsuits, and our system is a mockery of good immigration policies and law and order." Most children come without parents. "

President continued in a second tweet, "Our immigration policy, which is laughed all over the world, is very unfair to all those people who have gone through the system legally and have been online for years! Immigration must be based on performance – we need people who will help make America great again! "

Trump warned Congressional Democrats to" change the law, "stating," We need strength and security at the border! Do not accept all the people who are trying to break into our country. "

After failing to pass a tough immigration bill last week, Republicans were preparing to vote this week on another comprehensive bill, the Trumps long sought border wall and legal immigration limit and give young undocum immigrants a path to citizenship t.

"I spoke to the White House yesterday, saying that the President is still 100 percent behind us." MEP Michael McCaul, R-Texas, a co-sponsor of the law, said on "Fox News Sunday ".

But because this bill can not gather enough votes Past the house, a more restrictive move was made over the weekend that would effectively end the Flores settlement: Should the broader law fail, the White House prepares to take the measure Legislators, according to a White House official, should be supported.

Despite Trump's volatility last week, legislative negotiations continue behind the scenes. The president began this week defending his government's family-isolation policy. On Tuesday night, he expressed his support for two rivals in a confused and intricate speech to the Republicans of the House of Representatives, insulting Republican Mark Sanford, RS, without saying anything, he called for a few boos, then on Friday called on lawmakers to throw in the office, "The Republicans should stop their Wasting time on immigration until we elected more senators and congressmen in November. "

This tweet has taken demoralized Republicans home during the weekend, but they have not ended the talks house could happen. Brendan Buck, adviser to parliamentary spokesman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., Said on Sunday that a solution that specifically addresses the issue of family separation was "a topic of the week," though he noted that Republicans are not a single policy or Bill

Marc Short, head of the Legal Department of the White House, said Sunday it was too early to announce what action Trump would sign, but called on Congress to act swiftly on the issue of immigration to tackle comprehensively.

has repeatedly expressed our concern over the Flores agreement with Congress, "Short said." It is indeed an issue that previous governments have also dealt with, and we believe that Congress will respond to it sooner rather than later. "

Trump's attack on immigrants' rights, however, follows a week in which he did so, fixated on the immigration court system, which he called" ridiculous. "The president has looked forward to suggestions Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas and other lawmakers refused to add court personnel to help deal with more immigration cases.

Democrats and immigration advocates tried to embarrass Trump for denying illegal immigrants

"America rules by law "Deputy Gerald Connolly, D-Va.," did not tweet the presidential dictate. "

Omar Jadwat, Director of the Egg Immigration Rights of the American Civil Liberties Union Project said in a statement: "What President Trump has proposed here is both illegal and unconstitutional. Any official who has sworn an oath to abide by the Constitution and the Laws should unequivocally refute this. "

And at least one Republican MP spoke out against Trump's threat, Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan, a libertarian-leaning Republican often criticizing the president, responded to the controversy by citing the Fifth Amendment.

"No one should … life, freedom or property, without a lawful trial," tweeted Amash.

Trump has been this drum for several In a speech on Tuesday, Trump said: "I do not want judges. I want border security. I do not want to try people. I do not want people coming in. "

" Do you know if …? The person comes in and sets foot on our floor, it is essentially "Welcome to America, Welcome to our Country"? "Trump continued." They never get them out because they take their name, they bring the name down, they hand it over, then they let the person go. They say: "Show in court in a year."

Trump suggested in these statements, which were submitted before the National Federation of Independent Business, that many Immigrants "cheat" for following their lawyer's instructions.

"They have professional lawyers," he said. "Some are good, others are do-gooders, and others are bad people." And they tell these people exactly what to say.

Many immigration hardliners see it differently: asylum applications and deportation procedures go to immigration courts, which are staffed by judges who can make decisions without a jury hearing.

Cruz's original legislation At the border crisis, it was suggested doubling the number of immigration judges from about 375 to 750. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken steps to strengthen the immigration courts so that they handle many cases without trial and limit their ability to delay other cases. "19659002]" I have 35 Prosecutors sent to the Southwest and brought 18 immigration judges to the border, "Sessions told an audience in San Diego earlier this year." That will be about 50 percent more immigration judges who will be handling the asylum applications.

While Republicans struggled with their own response, they blamed the Democrats for criticizing both the movements of the sessions and criticism of the Democrats drafting immigration laws, arguing in a Sunday afternoon tweet Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer, NY, states that "a Czar breaks through the bureaucracy and brings these children out of the limbo and back into their parents' arms."

Sunday political talk shows, The Republicans repeated that Trump accused the Democrats to reject any serious solution to causing political violations – and that they want "open borders."

"Chuck Schumer says," No, no, no, we will not bring it "Jim, Jordan, R-Ohio, a leader of the House Freedom caucus, said on CBS "Face the Nation." "What they want is the political problem, they do not want to solve the problems, they want the Famil They do not stick together and decide and go through the hearing process in a way that is the norm of the law. "

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