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Trump and Biden tap the same topic: Why are you so obsessed with me?

"Apparently he had my speech on Air Force One," Biden said at about the same time, 250 miles away in Mount Pleasant, Iowa. "I think he's really fascinated by me, I find it fascinating."

It was a political version of the putdown preferred by passive-aggressive teenagers everywhere – why are you so obsessed with me? – rendered by two Septuagenarians eager to occupy the other's head.

In the end, it was Biden who named Trump 35 times more frequently by name, according to CNN census, compared to 15 mentions of Biden by the president.

Perhaps Trump approached advisors who had warned against raising the Democratic front row, or hoped to dispel the notion that Biden was causing him election anxiety, and avoided speaking to his rival during a dinner speech before a Des Moines fundraiser

Nevertheless, the reasons for the obsession for both men who competed in Iowa on Tuesday, but never crossed, are numerous and obvious.

Trump has exposed Biden as the biggest threat to the blue ̵

1; collar voters driving him to the White House in 2016 – and polls (public and internal) have shown Trump to be behind in states that were central to his victory remains behind the former vice president.

He also threatens Trump's iron grip once on the news cycle. Cable grids all carried some or all of the midday midday Biden speech in Iowa, a fact that did not go unnoticed aboard Air Force One when the president jetted to the state.

This comes to Trump's continued fixation with his predecessor, President Barack, on Obama and the connection to this government that Biden represents.

Meanwhile, Biden has focused his entire election campaign on the serious need to defeat the President. Unlike some of his Democratic rivals, who stayed on the sidelines as midfielders on Tuesday, Biden has decided to focus on Trump, though he confidently says he will not be involved in a mud strike.

Employment with the incumbent has given his election campaign a general sensibility that matches the image of a front-runner he desperately wants to represent.

Blow by Blow

  Joe Biden moves to the top after Iowa is tested

[19659005] These motives tore everyone away on Tuesday. Their first commercial attacks at an early stage of voting gave rise to a picture of a potential general election campaign marked by personal insults, open hostility and attacks that struck them as similar. Biden considered the president an "existential threat" to the country, he noted Intelligence in political issues in question and made him at a loss for the struggles of working Americans.

"I do not think the president really gets the basics," Biden said during a Davenport evening speech that was so heavy with Trump's insults that his campaign was trying to program around it all day and at 6 in the morning to publish a prepared text of the whole. 19659002] Biden mocked Lampooning Trump's one-time statement that "I alone can solve the country's problems": "Fix yourself first, Donald Trump."

He decided to delete a line from the prepared text in which he explained that the cashiers at Target know "more about economics than Trump".

The President also followed Biden's prudence, albeit in much coarser terms.

"Joe Biden is a dummy," he explained on the White House lawn before leaving for Iowa, adding, "He looks different from before, he acts differently than he used to, he's even slower than he used to. So I do not know. "

Trump is of course no stranger to allegations of mental deterioration; He was so anxious to refute allegations of senility that he urged his doctor to conduct a mental health test in 2017 and publish the results publicly. Like many of Trump's insults, the prosecution was not full of details.

Distractions and Politics

  Donald Trump (and Fox News) whistle on Joe Biden

19659005] As Biden later the day after the allegations he was not inclined to shake it off. Instead, he turned the insult into a contest of clarity.

"Look at him and look at me and answer the question," Biden said. "It goes without saying, you know it's a ridiculous claim on his part."

"All I can say is to watch me," he said. "Just watch me."

For Biden, questions about his mental state diverted at least from more acute questions about his political decisions. His tournament with Trump overshadowed any sustained democratic criticism of his changing attitude as to whether federal dollars should be used to pay for abortions. And after receiving rival Flak for not playing in Iowa over the weekend, Biden largely had the state for himself – with the exception of the Republican official.

With Democrats largely quiet in their criticism of the frontrunner – and with their own strategy against Biden still in focus – Trump tried to close the gap with material from his latest campaign.

"He appears every two weeks in Iowa and mentions my name 74 times in a speech," he said during his event at the ethanol factory, allegedly funded by taxpayers, but still containing several political shocks.

"That reminds me of Crooked Hillary," he added. "She did the same, and then, when it was time to vote, they all said:" You know, she does not like Trump much, but what's she standing for? "The same thing happens to Sleepy Joe. "

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