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Trump and Comey collide over the results of the Müller investigation

Their new clash enlivened the mystery of their brief, catastrophic relationship at the beginning of President Donald Trump's term, which plunged the administration into crisis and led to the appointment of the Special Representative. Looking back, Trump's exchange with Comey was the beginning of a long-term power game that established the president's dominance over the judiciary.

Trump kicked Comey on Wednesday as "a dreadful guy" and beat his leadership team at the FBI as "not clean, to say the least," in an interview on "Fox News" Hannity.

In a statement by William Barr on Sunday citing Mueller that the investigation did not reveal that members of the Trump campaign conspired with, or co-ordinated with, the Russian government's election interference activities "and the Attorney General's personal statement that "the evidence emerged during the special The lawyer's investigation is not enough to establish" that obstruction of the judiciary represents a major political gain for the president. "

But Comey was surprised that Müller poked the question of disability, which was largely rooted in his dismissal in May 201

7. Trump had said on television he was motivated to shoot Comey over the then FBI director for overseeing FBI investigations.

"I have no prejudices – I just say it does not make sense on his face, and so do I. I have many questions," Comey said in an interview published on Wednesday in NBC's "Nightly News" (NBC's Nightly News ) was broadcast.

At that time, Trump's sudden decision to fire Comey was widely mocked as the most catastrophic political call for decades. Now, however, it seems that the president is avoiding to pay a permanent political consequence for a step that significantly consolidates his own power.

The Shot of Comey is just one of the baffling twists in the Russia drama that take on a new complexion. The late emergence of Barr – who quickly completed the investigation in Russia – represents another such turn.

In the short term, Trump's dismissal of Comey frees him from a troublesome, powerful person who has judged the president. I wanted him in embrace a patronage relationship and violate ethical barriers between the White House and the Department of Justice.

In the long run, by exploiting ill-defined norms that determine the limits of executive power, either through Trump accidents or design, the Presidency's power may have expanded itself and created an important precedent for the future.

The presidents have the power to dismiss anyone in the executive – but the situation becomes constitutionally bleak if the move appears to be an attempt to prevent a criminal investigation into their own behavior.

A future ruthless commander-in-chief could use Trump's treatment of Comey as justification for nefarious purposes.

Send a signal to future presidents that they could do this and get away with it, and I think that's a very disturbing possibility, "said Jens David Ohlin, vice dean of Cornell Law School." It seems to set a precedent that if a president does not like an investigation close to the president, they can simply dismiss the Minister of Justice or the FBI director. "

Comey's Take

Comey was in May On an official trip to the West Coast in 2017, when he learned of his shot on television, it was one of the first signs that Trump's impulsive leadership style and willingness to test the outer limits of traditional behavior follow him from the boardroom to the West Wing

The president's next comment on NBC that he dismissed Comey over Russia The investigation triggered a series of events that began At one point, they looked like they could end their presidency themselves.

There were immediate warnings that Trump had not only obstructed the judiciary but had also reinforced his error by telling the nation on television.

The departure of Comey led some days later to Mueller's designation and two years later, leading to the White House for indictment and imprisonment of several Trump employees while the nation was subjected to an unprecedented nightmare

Stubborn, Steve Bannon, once Trump's political guru, said in September 2017 to CBS "60 Minutes" that getting rid of Comey would probably be the worst mistake in "maybe modern" Political History.

But 18 months later, there is an alternative interpretation: Trump was able to free himself not only from an FBI director who was allergic immediately, but also from the potentially serious consequences of his release.

History may not understand its behavior as an act of mutilating novice unaware of constitutional norms, but as a president who has found a way to gain more power and accountability for it.

There are growing questions about Barr's role in Müller's final, and his swift takeover of control over the investigation, which culminated in his summary of the report, provided Trump with valuable political service.

His summary set the political tale which allowed the President to claim that he was completely wrong tlastet and his claim The investigation was an illegal attempt to demolish him, was entitled.

Notwithstanding the summary by Barr, it is likely that the American, if he sees the report, includes a behavior of the president that is not flattering and possibly unethical, even if he does not reach the standard of a criminal conspiracy.

Finally, citing Barr Müller in his letter to Congress, he noted that "this report does not conclude that the President has committed a crime, but has not relieved him."

Barr told Jerrold Nadler, chair of the Democratic House Judiciary Council, on Wednesday that it would take weeks for a more complete version of the report to be published. However, in the period between Müller's first ruling and full accounting, the conventional wisdom of the report will continue to grow.

Therefore, the role of Attorney General has some Democrats and other critics who view his appointment as another variant of successful Presidential Defense play and power move.

Trump's relentless campaign against his first Attorney General Jeff Sessions was largely motivated by the rejection of the former Alabama senator from the Russian investigation.

In his place, Trump Barr could confirm with his help a compelling Republican-controlled Senate that wrote an unsolicited memo in June criticizing Moller's disability as "misunderstood."

Eight months advance and Barr decided after Mueller did not raise the issue of whether Trump obstructed justice, the evidence did not indicate he had.

Barr's motives in the limelight

Suspicions about Ba The behavior of rr could only be rejected by the full publication of the report and the underlying evidence by Müller.

The case of disability has always been difficult for Muller to prove because a case has to suggest that the offender acted with corrupt intent. Another attorney general might have reached the same conclusions as Barr.

"This is a matter of interpretation," President Rudolph Giuliani's lawyer said on CNN's The Situation Room on Tuesday. "You know all the facts about obstacles, you can interpret them in different ways, so it was a difficult question."

In Trump's case, the subject was even more complicated, since so much of the alleged obstructive behavior took place public, on television and on Twitter. However, it seems a great coincidence that Trump found a permanent substitute for sessions that allowed the power of a president to fire subordinates and fully assess their impact on an obstacle case.

Barr argued in his Memorandum of June Trump's launch of Comey and his call for an interruption of Flynn were in line with the President's authority under Article II of the Constitution, which determines power over the executive branch of the government, which includes the Ministry of Justice belongs.

There is a real legal debate about whether a president could still be guilty of obstructing the judiciary if his application of Article II powers is based on a corrupt motive.

It is also unclear whether Barr was not released to address his earlier skepticism or whether his disability decision was based solely on Mueller's findings.

Democrats say the full report and evidence would have to be released.

"On the basis of an interpretation of a man hired for his work, one can not make a judgment because he believes the president is above the law and he wrote a 19-page memo to this demonstrate, "said house spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi to her chairperson a private meeting on Tuesday after a staff member in the room.

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