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Trump asked why he had to take part in the G7

This year's G7 meeting on the French coast is Trump's third. It comes in the midst of global economic turmoil, tensions from the Middle East to the Indian subcontinent and angry fires in the Amazon.

But in conversations with adjutants in recent weeks, Trump has asked, according to people familiar with the interviews, why he has to attend. After the last two G7 summit meetings ended violently, Trump complained about taking part in a third and declared he did not consider the gathering a particularly productive use of his time.

Meetings with other world leaders, including Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and French President Emmanuel Macron, who have encouraged him over the last six months to commit to participating in the Biarritz Summit , Macron is this year's host of the summit.

The G7 represents the world's most important economies and has long been an integral part of the US President's calendar. In small group meetings with only a few executives present, the most important economic and geopolitical problems in the world are discussed in detail.

It's a more everyday foreign travel style than the kind of trip Trump has enjoyed so far. These usually include lavish welcome performances such as royal parades or state banquets. It is also a kind of multilateralism practice that Trump and his staff downplayed in favor of individual negotiations with other countries.

The hosts of the meeting help in setting the agenda. Last year's meeting in a rural Canadian seaside resort focused on the environment and the proliferation of plastics in the ocean. A year earlier, the assembled leaders worked together to convince Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Agreement (he retired a month later).

After these summits, Trump was annoyed at the lengthy discussions on the environment and the oceans, the confidants said, saying he did not have enough room to announce his success as president. In the White House, it was not clear if Trump would agree to attend this year's G7 until late spring.

To make his visit more enjoyable this week, the adjutants sought to add a Sunday morning session to deal with the global economy, with the US economy becoming the leader of countries where growth is slowing brag.

"I would expect President Trump to speak openly about the policies he has seen in his own economy and really want to work with other G7 countries to find out how we are accelerating growth in the economies as a whole There are markets and opportunities for all of our workers and people, "said a government official about the President's goal to demand the economic talks.

How these sessions evolve remains to be seen: The other leaders have partially attributed the global slowdown to its lengthy trade war with China, which developed on Friday when China announced new retaliatory tariffs on US goods. Trump responded by urging American companies to stop the business there, and the stock markets fell sharply.

And the notion that the US president is convening a meeting to showcase and appreciate the relative strength of the US economy is unlikely to suit other leaders, especially as many of them blame give trading tactics for a slump in global growth.

"The @ G7 should not be an ego trip, and even those who think they need to be selected need friends," tweeted former Foreign Minister Madeleine Albright.

The French organizers have already set low expectations for a final demonstration of the unit. Macron said the idea of ​​writing a joint communiqué at the end was "meaningless." And Trump is preparing more intensively for the individual meetings he plans with other leaders ̵

1; including a new ally, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

However, if this year's G7 ends badly, Trump's foreign counterparts will not have to worry about his participation next year. He is supposed to host it and his Doral Golf Resort outside Miami has been reported as a possible venue.

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