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Trump at the head of his dangerous game as Midterms loom

As much of what Trump says, his commentary required a large portion of salt, as it took place in a session in which his considerable, instinctive and often cynical political ability came to its full advantage 14 days before the midterm elections.

With reporters and lawmakers crowding around his Oval Office desk on Tuesday, Trump gushed conspiracy theories, praised his achievements, bent facts, teased future announcements, and plunged into a source of racial and cultural prejudice.

Such behavior is more likely to be manifested by autocratic leaders ruling in personality cults than by more reserved and conventional politicians operating in democratic systems, but it also explains how Trump subjugated much of Washington.

With a garrulous intimacy that seduced his audience into his confidence, Trump dominated the Oval Office, which appears as a president increasingly bullish about himself and loosely exercising his power.

"I'm not worried about everything," he said.

With a later photo taken at a meeting with military leaders, Trump has now chewed the fat with reporters twelve times in 1

1 days and led a blizzard of interviews with radio and television [196592002] With his spokeswoman Sarah Sanders and political strategists, the president taken over control over the medium-term election campaign, and it looks like the GOP would rise or fall, depending on how voters respond.

Trump's virtuoso bending of his significant but often devilish political ability came on a day when he had no election campaign. So he only took a moment to fuel the rhetorical fire he had set on immigration.

& # 39; No proof of anything & # 39;

The caravan of desperate Central American migrants could be more than 1,000 miles and many days from the US border in Mexico, but that does not prevent the President from plunging him into the perfect political storm.

  The Caravan could be weeks away from the US Border

The now famous Column will be the equivalent of James Comey's late reopening of the Hillary-Clinton Mail investigation in 2018, which dominated the last few weeks of the 2016 presidential race.

Trump took the issue to grips with his topic – that his democratic enemy was corrupt, a liar and unfit for office – in the process of overcoming his own character commitments and drowning his attacks. [196592002] Two years later, Trump is in the car In a similar shock and awe to the ether waves, he amplifies his dark claims that a human tide from outsiders from Central America is besieging the US borders, bringing with them crime, violence and even terrorism.

Images of mass immigrants support his theme, though he disrupts them and ignores local reporters, who can show that his claims that the column contains "Middle East" are probably wrong.

Many in Clinton's camp believe in retrospect that the blanket coverage of the email problem stopped their momentum and helped Trump's late rise to victory.

It is unclear whether the caravan this time has the same potential for Trump. But it helps him reach voters who sincerely believe that other politicians have done nothing, as their wages are undermined by undocumented migrants and their jobs have disappeared.

And the spectacle of the march means that the president is likely to have the opportunity to pronounce his out loud extreme immigration issues, a topic on which he has built up his political career, every day until the middle of 6 November.

It also allows him to include other subjects that animate the republican base he must come out in close numbers from 2016 to ward off democratic gains

That's one reason why he fosters fear and prejudices about " Middle Easterners "- code for Muslims – has played, which he suggests, without any evidence, in the American crowd The man, Vice President Mike Pence, appeared on the president's shoulder, explaining to him that it was" unthinkable "that such People Not in the Column The burden of proof for those who doubt the claim

But pushed by CNN's Jim Acosta, Pence was not quite as adept at glossing the truth as the president who jumped in and out some "really bad" ones

Pence, who spent the past two days defending Trump's claim to the caravan, recalled how treacherously life had changed it can be president. The vice president was promptly quashed when Trump turned a rhetorical bus over him.

"There is no evidence of anything, there is no evidence of anything, but they could be very good," Trump said, before cleverly turning the conversation into a debate about the size of his crowd at a rally in Texas on Monday night ,

Smashing a Knife with a Smile

The President also drew another ability that other savvy politicians have in common: his use of humor to twist a knife, in this case the unfortunate Senator Tom Carper, a Democrat from Delaware who was actually detained after a photo shoot to sign a water infrastructure bill.

After Pence said the caravan had been financed by linkers, Trump turned to Carper and teased him, "And maybe the Democrats?"

On Trump's face lay the grin of a man who knows he has power over others and can make monstrous assertions and get away with it.

When he stands up approval rating and agenda dominance in the days that go into the middle with a campaign based on fear and untruth, the Republicans help to keep the house and perhaps increase their Senate majority, a comment from his son-in-law Jared Kushner at the CNN CITIZEN conference in New York Monday will look forward.

"The more time I spend with him to work with him, the more I realize I'm not betting against his instincts," Kushner said, despite polling and historical data that might indicate Trump was one bloody nose in two weeks.

"He's a black swan, he's been a black swan all his life," Kushner said, hinting that something unpredictable and inexplicable about his father-in-law's talents.

Despite the dominance of his immediate environment and the enthusiasm for his base, Trump is a politician in the mid-40s who gave it a consent rating that could be curtailed next year by a Democratic Party-led house, a scenario largely through his extreme behavior and fear-based leadership.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat who plans to take on Trump, hinted Tuesday that Americans would reject the President when he said, "This President is more like George Wallace than George Washington!" – Referring to the late populist firefighter and former Governor of Alabama

  Biden says Trump is more like George Wallace than George Washington [Biden] Truth is more like George Wallace than George Washington

"We have to vote Truth about lies We need to choose a better future for the Americans if we make despair of the darkest elements of our past in our society, "said Biden in Florida.

Yet Democrats running for the president could recall Trump's performance on Tuesday afternoon What a dangerous adversary – ready to get low and enjoy his own strength – could be the president in two years.

CNNs Steve Brusk and Arlette Saenz contributed to this story.

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