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Trump attacks Twitter employees while checking facts for tweets

President Donald Trump

Kevin Lamarque | Reuters

President Donald Trump picked a Twitter employee on Thursday when he attacked the social media giant after checking his tweets for mail-in ballots.

Trump shared in a tweet the Twitter handle of the company’s “Head of Site Integrity”, Yoel Roth, who Co-author of a blog post from May 1

1th Explain how the website would change the way that misleading information is handled. In this post, it was announced that Twitter would use new labels and warnings on some tweets that could “confuse or mislead readers” about the content.

The president’s tweet came when he planned to sign an executive regulation on Thursday that would urge the Federal Communications Commission to set new rules for the protection of some websites under section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. The current law largely frees these platforms from liability for a large part of the content on their websites.

On Tuesday, Twitter added two of Trump’s tweets via mail-in ballots for the first time, invited readers to “learn the facts,” and called the president’s claims “unfounded.”

Trump tweeted Thursday afternoon: “It’s so ridiculous to see Twitter trying to defend the case that mail-in ballots are not subject to FRAUD.”

“How stupid, there are examples and cases everywhere. Our electoral process is badly affected and ridiculed all over the world,” said Trump’s tweet.

The president added, “Tell your hater,” followed by Roth’s Twitter handle.

Roth has reportedly posted critical news about Trump and his supporters in the past. “I’m just saying we fly over the states that voted for a racist mandarin for a reason,” Roth tweeted in November 2016.

The Trump campaign has tweeted about Roth at least twice since Wednesday. And Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., Referred to Roth in a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey – without using his name – and criticized the decision to label Trump’s tweets with warning signs.

But Twitter told Buzzfeed News that Roth wasn’t responsible for checking Trump’s tweets. “No one on Twitter is responsible for our policies or enforcement measures, and it is unfortunate that individual employees are selected for corporate decisions,” the spokesman told Buzzfeed.

Dorsey tweeted on Wednesday evening: “There is someone who is ultimately responsible for what we do as a company, and I am. Please let our employees out of here.”

Twitter referred CNBC to Dorsey’s tweet when asked for additional comment on the president’s post.

After Twitter verified the facts, Trump accused the company of “interfering” in the 2020 presidential election and trying to “censor” it.

“If that happens, we won’t have our freedom anymore. I will never let it happen!” Trump tweeted Wednesday night.

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