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Trump breaks out at campaign manager when reelection stress overflows

Within a few moments, the president called his campaign director Brad Parscale – not the adjutants in the room but the phone – three people familiar with the matter told CNN. Trump shoved the blame away and insulted Parscale with a flood of damaging polls, even at a point where he threatened to sue Parscale. It is not clear how serious the President’s threat of lawsuit was.

The White House did not immediately respond to a CNN request for comment, and the Trump campaign declined to comment.

Faced with an increasingly tough struggle for re-election and the helpers who are trying to steer him in new, sometimes contradictory directions, Trump has become increasingly upset about his prospects for re-election last week. Beating Parscale was just the latest manifestation of this fear.

“He is upset because he knows he messed up these briefings,”

; said a Republican near the White House about Trump.

Last Wednesday, two days before Trump launched Parscale, his campaign manager and several other senior political advisers informed him about internal campaign and data from the Republican National Committee, which shows the president is on the verge of defeat in key battlefield countries. Parscale, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, and other advisors urged him to cut down on his daily combative press conferences, citing data that showed the briefings hurt him with critical swing voters in those states.

Trump complained to aides that his restricted travel hurt his numbers, not the briefings.

A person familiar with the call said the news apparently did not reach the president, who instead turned the topic away from the information issue.

But the next day, Trump’s fancy comments on disinfectants only added to the urge of these advisors. Even when he broke out in Parscale on Friday evening, the president asked no questions during the briefing that day. And the next day he completely scrapped the briefing.

While Trump cut back on his press conferences this week and even opted for a less combative tone during a press conference on Monday, the helpers aren’t sure if the new approach will last. And Trump still found places to answer reporters’ questions and share his views on the day’s news, even during lengthy pool sprays in the Oval Office.

Despite the outbreak, two sources said Trump and Parscale fixed things up later on Friday night.

But Parscale, who has been working from his home in South Florida for a month, flew back to Washington on Wednesday to chat with his boss.

Two sources familiar with the matter said Parscale spent several hours at the White House on Wednesday, talking to Trump about the reelection strategy and getting approval for new campaign ads that former Vice President Joe Biden, the alleged democratic candidate, had for his China will knock on attitude.

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