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Trump celebrates the election of the Pentagon with pomp and parade, while Esper proves his leadership style on the first day

FULL HONOR, PRESIDENTIAL WELCOME: Yesterday, ceremony units were drilled on the Pentagon's parade ground, cables laid across the parking lot at the river entrance, a stage set up and portable toilets retracted – all for today's arrival ceremony with full glory mark the beginning the term of Mark Esper as President Trump second Secretary of Defense.

Trump, Esper and Vice President Mike Pence are all It is planned to make comments during the ceremony. For the first time, all ceremonial stops for a new defense minister have recently been canceled. Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford will not be present because he is traveling. The Pentagon will stream the celebrations live at www.defense.gov/Watch/Live-Events .

ESPER MAKES A LABEL: Esper launched on his first full day after his approval by the Senate on Tuesday afternoon. Only three hours later, he met with the Pentagon press corps in his cabins on the second floor of the C-ring, just a short walk from his e-ring office on the third floor.

told Esper First, he ordered local leaders to provide "updated guidance" to encourage them to engage and underline what he called "the very important role of the media, the press in our society and in relation to communicating what we do and then "answering your questions.

ARMY SAYS AGAIN: On his Twitter feed Esper stated that he "started the day with the media, closed it to Congress" and wrote photos of his farewell ceremony in the underground auditorium of the pentagon, where he marked the end of his service as an army secretary. In the pictures the chief of staff of the army Gen. Mark Milley who serves as the next joint chairman, wears the Army's new retro-inspired "Pinks and Greens" uniform . The brown jacket in the style of the Second World War is worn over light pink-brown pants.

Milley is expected to vote in the Senate today to confirm his appointment as current chairman Dunford at the end of September.

It's All About the Troops: Esper said his first priority was the well-being of men and women in the military and defense ministries, and to underline this, his first action memo instructs the Pentagon to set up Task Force for PFAS, perfluorinated and polyfluoroalkyl substances, a group of chemicals that have been used for decades in products such as fire-fighting foam, non-stick cookware and rapid packaging.

The association between exposure to PFAS and various health problems such as liver problems, low birth weight, and testicular and renal cancer is still being established, but the use of chemicals is being phased out. Military installations using PFAS-loaded extinguishing foam and companies using PFAS are two major sources of water pollution.

"The Department is committed to resolutely and proactively tackling the effects of these substances from all defensive activities, including the National Guard and the reserves," Esper wrote his memo.

When asked about the thousands of people who believe their cancers are a result of PFAS exposure, Esper said, "All we have to do is understand the problem and make sure that we have our hands full on following science and then, obviously, if there is a relationship, we must exercise our due care.

ENOUGH WITH ACTION ALREADY: Esper also reiterated what he told the Congress during its confirmation hearing: He plans to act quickly to fill all executive posts currently held by acting secretaries or Substitutes are occupied.

Of the 59 required Senate approval, 15 are occupied by "actors", including 4 in the top 6 after being confirmed.

"My key is to occupy these positions as quickly as possible and to push people further through this system," Esper said, noting that he was dealing with the problem Jim Inhofe and Jack Reed discussed in the Senate Armed Forces Committee. "So we need to take a stable leadership to make sure you have civilian control over the military and the right people at the top of that organization."

NORQUIST NEXT: Following yesterday's heartfelt confirmation hearing, Pentagon Controller and Chief Financial Officer David Norquist also appears to be aligned with swift approval by the Senate.

One note was the comment by the chairman Inhofe at the beginning of the session. "I am probably the wrong person who conducts this hearing because I have already decided and I have a strong feeling for you," said Inhofe in his introductory remarks. "I remember telling long ago to the President that it does not matter who will be Secretary of Defense, as long as you have Norquist."

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HAPPED TODAY: The Parliament will vote today on the bipartisan budget law of 2019 followed by the Senate next week. The two-year agreement drawn up by the White House and the leaders of the Democrats and Republicans in Congress will raise spending limits by $ 320 billion over the next two fiscal years and allow the Treasury to borrow indefinitely by July 31, 2021. [19659002] The $ 1.4 trillion package, which includes $ 738 billion for the Pentagon, has sparked fierce opposition from the fiscal conservatives and is likely to be rejected by many Republicans.

But enough GOP lawmakers, including the House's Republican leadership, will team up with most House Democrats to pass the measure, writes Susan Ferrechio in the Washington Examiner They want to avoid another politically catastrophic shutdown of the government, and because the proposal is supported by President Trump.

"I think we will have the votes," said yesterday Steny Hoyer, chairman of the Democratic majority .

738 BILLION USD & # 39; A GOOD NUMBER & # 39 ;: Trump's demand for $ 750 billion in defense spending next fiscal year fell victim to the negotiations, the mandatory spending limits But yesterday, Esper said it was worth getting budget certainty.

"Seven thirty-eight is a good number. We also have two years. We count on two-year numbers, "said Esper. "And I think that as we have predictability and can avoid CRs, we can plan our dollars and use them more efficiently. So I am fine with these dollars. No complaints.

MANY COMPLAINTS: Since the deal was announced earlier this week, the financial conservatives are howling. "If this Mnuchin-Pelosi budget agreement came into force, it would be the most monstrous in recent years and would result in annual deficits comparable to those of President Obama," said Heritage Action lobby branch Heritage ,

By 2018, President Trump had almost vetoed a total of $ 1.3 trillion in spending. He promised the American people that he "will never again sign such a bill". The agreement envisaged this week will add $ 1.7 trillion to the ten-year base, $ 2 trillion, debt to rise to 97 percent of GDP by 2029, and pave the way for yet another $ trillion deal plus omnibus. Issues will be prepared this fall. "

THE MISSILES ARE THE MESSAGE: North Korea fired two" projectiles "into the Baltic Sea, according to South Korean Chiefs of Staff. The projectiles appear to be short-range ballistic missiles as they reached a height of 30 miles and traveled about 270 miles and 430 miles before landing harmlessly in the sea.

The launch – the first in more than two months – is seen as a sign of the frustration of Kim Jong Un about the lack of progress since President Trump last month by crossing the DMZ to the north and shaking hands with Korea with Kim.

The gesture was expected to revive deadlocked conversations, but since then nothing has been put on the calendar.

NO SURPRISES: "That should not shock us, and in fact we should have seen it coming," said Harry Kazianis, a Korea expert at the Center for National Interest.

"North Korea is clearly annoyed that the US and South Korea are conducting joint military exercises. For this reason, Pyongyang refused to schedule a working-level talks with Washington, will not accept food aid from Seoul, and is now testing weapons systems that will certainly increase tensions. "

" Trump now faces the dilemma of accepting the North Korean missile test, which is likely to encourage future provocations, or to respond in a way that carries the risk of diplomacy collapsing, "said Eric Gomez, an analyst at the Cato Institute.

"This missile test highlights the problem with Donald Trump's style over fabric diplomacy with North Korea," he said. "Style is important, but it can only take the USA far. Without a more substantial agreement on confidence-building measures, a formalization of Kim's moratorium on missile testing, or agreement on military exercises between the US and South Korea, it is difficult to grasp the potential benefits of summit meetings and more conspicuous aspects of US engagement.

DUNFORD REVIEWS AFGHAN PROGRESS: The Afghan capital Kabul was shaken by three consecutive explosions in which 12 people were reportedly killed just one day after Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs was in town counseling with gene. Scott Miller the top US commander in Afghanistan.

United States. Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad is also in Kabul, trying to hold Afghan talks between the Taliban and the government.

Dunford told fellow reporters he wanted to break the pulse of domestic operations, according to Pentagon before the national elections in September. "This is clearly a big priority for them to make sure [and they are] they have everything in place," Dunford said.

THE TALIBANES OFFENDED: The Taliban made a strong exception to President Trump's statement this week He could win the war in Afghanistan in a week in ten days if he were willing to kill 10 million people which he did not do.

"His claim to wipe out Afghanistan kills 10 million Afghans, and winning this war with such a method is irresponsible and we strongly condemn it," the Taliban said in a statement by the Middle East Media Research Institute, a surveillance group Genghis, the British and the former Soviet leaders have destroyed their graves. On the contrary, their empires have been wiped off the ground, but the Afghan nation has endured it with pride and will continue to live, live and be proud, Allah willing. "The statement was:" The 18 years of forc We have proved that the policy of aggression and tyranny is unsuccessful and that we do not know why Afghanistan is called the cemetery of the rich. "

TURKEY NEXT STEP: " Turkey is once again threatened with a credible military intervention in northern Syria to concede concessions to the US and NATO, "writes Institute for the Study of War's latest Analysis on the growing burden of relations between the US and Turkey following Ankara's air defense agreement with Russia.

The most important thing to take away: "The Turkish armed forces began on July 8 to deploy a large number of troops and armored vehicles along the Syrian-Turkish border. These operations threaten the controversial city of Manbij and two other border towns that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to seize on July 14. Erdogan likely intends to force the US to concede him concessions in the ongoing negotiations for a possible "safe zone" along the Syrian-Turkish border, but he may also seek to use them. This threat is intended to discourage the Trump administration from To impose sanctions against Turkey in response to the purchase of the S-400 ground-to-air missile system from Russia.

ACCESS TO INCIRLIK: The Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu issued a not so veiled notice this week that US access to Turkish bases, in particular to the strategically favorable Incirlik Air Base, in case of dispute could be interrupted. "If America takes very negative steps towards us, if there are sanctions or further steps, we will have answers to America," he said in an interview with a Turkish TV station.

At his meeting with reporters yesterday, Minister Esper said it was the first time he had heard about the threat. "I have not seen this report yet, so you are providing me with news," he answered a question. "Turkey has long been a NATO ally. We want to preserve this relationship, this alliance. And Incirlik is important to us.

JEDI REVIEW: Esper also said that he would address the Pentagon's $ 10 billion cloud contract, which President Trump described as the subject of many industries last week Complaint because it looks like Amazon has a lock on the deal.

"I get tremendous complaints about the contract with the Pentagon and Amazon," Trump said last Thursday, referring to Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure or JEDI's intended cloud computing infrastructure for the Pentagon and the military. "They say it was not competitive."

"I've heard about the JEDI contract from everyone, and that's one of the things I want to look at," Esper said.

BLOOD FROM BENS TO IDA: Air Force Retired Gen. Norton Schwartz will be the next president and chief executive officer of the Institute for Defense Analysis, which will replace David Chu as chief executive officer of the company, the group announced yesterday. He has held the same roles at Business Executives for National Security since 2013.

Schwartz retired in 2012 as Air Force Chief of Staff and joined the IDA Board in 2013.

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4am CEST / 10am CET. Patch Barracks, Stuttgart, Germany. US-Africa Command Change Ceremony during which the Army General Stephen Townsend takes command of the retired Navy General Thomas Waldhauser The Minister of Defense is scheduled to conduct the ceremony.

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"I have never encountered one on the job or on the road I used most often Undergo piss testing. "

An undisclosed Navy SEAL cited by the Navy Times in their report on members of the SEAL team 10, who are accused in an internal investigation of snorting cocaine and using military drug testing as a "joke" to have dismissed.

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