President Donald Trump broke his silence on John McCain in the face of Monday night pressure and said he appreciated everything the late Senator had done for the country. Trump made the remarks at a dinner at the White House for evangelical leaders. (27th of August)

President Donald Trump recalled a famous quote from founder John Adams during a dinner at the White House in honor of evangelical Christian leaders – but he left the part about Adams' hope that future presidents would be "honest and wise ", are outside.

Trump began his speech to the "nice group" of religious leaders by announcing the success of the stock market, expressing his condolences to the late Senator John McCain's family, R-Ariz, and explaining what he had done described as the "Government Attacks on Communities of Faith."

Trump had been reluctant to honor McCain, his former political rival, but earlier Monday he issued a proclamation in "Respect for the Memory and Years of Service" that McCain, a Vietnam of war veteran and respected legislator, had his country given.

The President went on to quote the Adams prayer, which was hewn into the fireplace mantle of the State Dining Room in 1945.

"It's said, 'I beg of Heaven to give the best blessings to this house, and that's it really, this is an incredible house, that means so much," said Trump. "Together, we will raise our nation in prayer, defend the sanctity of life, and remain forever a proud nation among God."

Trump, who was repeatedly accused of dishonesty by his critics, did not recite the full Adams quote, which reads, "I pray that Heaven confiscates the best of the blessings in this house and everything that will come afterwards Honest and Wise Men always rule under this roof. "

The quote comes from a letter that Adams wrote to his wife Abigail the day after his entry into the White House on November 1, 1800, when the executive residence was still there underway.

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