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Trump claims "agreement" between Big Tech and Democrats

President Donald Trump believes that "there is obviously something monopolistic about major technology companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon," he said Monday in an interview with CNBC's Squawk Box.

First asked if he thought Facebook, Google and Amazon are now too big and should be resolved, Trump said, "Well, I can tell you that they discriminate against me." Using the Platforms Through the Campaign

"You know people are talking about collusion, the real deal is between the Democrats and these companies because they were so against me during my election campaign, everybody said, if you do not have them, you can not win, "said Trump. "Well, I won, you know, and I'll win again because we're fine and we're not the idiots anymore, we're not the stupid country that does so badly."

Google, Facebook and Twitter are increasingly under the microscope of conservatives who claim the platform discriminates against their policies. Businesses have taken steps in recent months to stop hate speech and the content of white supremacists, reinforcing previous efforts to limit the spread of misinformation.

Trump continues to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads, and his campaign manager for 2020 has previously credited this The social network played a key role in the president's victory in 2016.

Later in the interview, Trump referred to the high European Union fines against companies like Google, saying that Europe "really attacked our companies". He added, however, that "we should do what they do".

"They think there is a monopoly, but I'm not sure they think so, they just think that's easy money," he said about the billions in fines. "We're going to sue Apple for $ 7 billion, and we'll reach an agreement or win the case, I think it's a bad situation, but there's obviously something going on in the monopoly."

Trump comments are as follows The Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission, and Congress are preparing for the antitrust control of Big Tech.

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