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Trump claims that Obama needs to know about the efforts to undermine the presidency

President Trump said in a Sunday speech that former President Obama must have "known for sure" what he called high-level efforts by "low-living FBI people" and other intelligence officials to undermine his presidency. [19659002] In a controversial interview with ABC News's "This Week" anchor, George Stephanopoulos, Trump negated his accusation and added, "I'm not quite going to make that statement yet." However, when two Justice Department investigations actively investigated the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation, Trump hinted that more facts would soon be known.

"You clearly believe that a group of people is working against you," Stephanopoulos asked. "Do you think President Obama was behind it?"

"I'd say he must have known for sure because it was high up the chain," Trump replied. "But you will find out, I will not quite make that statement yet, but I would say that President Obama needed to know."


In May, Trump issued a memo in which Attorney General William Barr gave the warrant received release of all Trump Campaign Monitoring Documents 201


As part of its ongoing "multi-faceted" and "comprehensive" review of potential US intelligence misconduct during the 2016 presidential campaign, the Department of Justice issued last week known to also investigate the activities of several "non-governmental organizations and individuals."

After Trump had pointed out that he had turned over more than a million documents and decided not to exercise any executive privilege over any aspect of Special Counsel Robert Müller's report, Stephanopoulos Trump pressed h is the Level of cooperation with investigators.


"You have not sat for an interview, you have not answered questions about disability," said Stephanopoulos, a former top adjutant of Bill Clinton ,

"Wait a minute," Trump retorted, "Wait a minute, I've answered questions, I've answered them in writing."

"No hindrance," repeated Stephanopoulos twice.

  Former FBI agent Peter Strzok is a

Former FBI agent Peter Strzok is a "lowlife," Trump said Sunday, adding President Obama was likely aware of his activities.
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"Look, George, you're a bit wise, okay, that's typical of you," Trump replied. "Just for you to understand, very simple, it's very simple, there was no crime, there was no collusion, the big thing's arrangements, now there are no collusion, which means they were set – it was, in my opinion Setup and. " I think it will come out. "

Trump continued," I hope it will come out. We will find out very soon, because I really believe it will come out. If you look at [Peter] Strzok, those FBI people who were lowlifes when you look at them – because the FBI is the biggest. But these – the top people were absolutely lowlifes. If you look at Strzok and [Lisa] page and they're talking about an insurance policy case they lose, that was the insurance policy, "referring to the former FBI agent and lawyer.

STRZOKS SPECIAL COUNSEL TELEPHONE TOTALLY INTERRUPTED IF DOJ SYSTEM-SUBJECTED SOFTWARE ERROR FOR OTHER LACKFUL FBI TEXTS 19659003] The DOJ has announced that its probe, which was provided by John Durham, the US Attorney at Connecticut, was also king in the involvement of "foreign Intelligence services. "Former Trump Adviser George Papadopoulos told Fox News last month that an informant who was probably" CIA "and a member of Turkish Intel, spent his term as a research associate at Cambridge University in September 2016 and tried him "to seduce" to obtain information with which the Trump team is connected Russia.

The DOJ has also stated that It carefully examined the work of Fusion GPS, the company commissioned by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to conduct opposition research against the Trump campaign.

Fusion GPS In return, he commissioned British ex-spy Christopher Steele to produce an unreviewed and largely discredited dossier that the FBI secretly requested by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to monitor former Trump aide Carter Page quoted.

Internal FBI text messages received by Fox News showed that the FBI had talked to a senior DOJ official about the apparent "bias" of an important FISA source at that time. The Hill News, as confirmed by Fox News, has since revealed that Steele has met with a State Department official just before the FBI received Page FISA. The official immediately notified the FBI of a number of concerns about Steele's credibility, including the fact that some of his allegations were clearly false and his client was "keen" to see the surface of his work product before election day.

Several sources known The news told Fox News that Durham had "very much dialed in" and "asked the right questions." Regardless, sources in the Department of Justice told Fox News that Barr "met several times in recent weeks with Durham in Washington, DC.

The DOJ's internal guard dog conducted an independent investigation into possible surveillance abuses and misconduct. Previously, the DOJ's Inspector General found many actual and obvious violations of the policies by FBI officials and agents, including receiving inappropriate gifts and disclosing information to the media without prior approval Former Deputy Assistant FBI Director, who " Misconduct, including disclosure of "sensitive" information to the media, violation of federal law through disclosure of sealed court records and receipt of a gift from someone in the media. The IG refused to recommend an indictment without explanation.


"Do you think President Obama spied on your campaign?" Stephanopoulos asked at the end of the interview after Trump noted that "a previous government used the intelligence and intelligence services to spy on my campaign."

"I do not know," said Trump. "But hopefully we'll find out."

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