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Trump: Dems could help solve the border crisis with a WH meeting in 15 minutes to an hour

President Trump said the Democrats could end the blockade of immigration and solve the problem with a brief meeting. This was stated by George Stephanopoulos, the "this week" anchor of ABC News.

"The border should be done, George. The limit … The Democrats should come in and 15 minutes to an hour later we can solve everything. It's so easy, "said the president in the White House.

He added," You should not have to give the things we're talking about. That's the way it is – there are three and four loopholes you can solve if you no longer have a problem at the border. You should want to do it. But they do not want to do it for political reasons. "

Mexico recently announced that it is sending 6,000 agents to its new, still-forming, militarized police, known as the National Guard, to enforce immigration regulations in its southern region under an agreement with Washington to avoid Trump's threatened tariffs on Mexican imports.

The number of migrants arrested at the US-Mexico border in May was 1

32,887, the highest monthly figure in ten years. Many who embarked on a dangerous journey tried to escape poverty and violence in Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, and the US pushed Mexico to take action.

However, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized Trump's threat to impose punitive tariffs, a threat he had suspended earlier this month following further negotiations with Mexico.

"President Trump undermined America's outstanding leadership in the world by ruthlessly threatening to impose tariffs on our close friend and neighbor in the South. Tantrums are no way to negotiate foreign policy," said Pelosi, D-Calif.


  President Trump in a news broadcast on Sunday with ABC News

President Trump said in a Sunday with ABC News News leaked that "this week" anchor George Stephanopoulos could stop the Democrats from stacking the US-Mexico border and helping Solv e with a quick meeting. (AP, file)

The interview with ABC News made headlines on several fronts. The network applied Stephanopoulos 30 hours, which he spent with Trump. Among other things, the president said he wanted to hear dirt from 2020 rivals of foreign governments.

Trump believed that the border situation was related to his government's recent successes.

That's because the economy is so good that they try to come to our country. We have many more people who want to come in, and they come for economic reasons, they do not come from asylum reasons. "

He added," Really, but they come … most for economic reasons, and the country is doing better economically than ever and everyone wants to get started. I think we did a great job on the border. As part of our New Mexico plan, we accept more people than ever before. This will be very helpful because you will see the numbers drop sharply. But we should really be able to make it a lot easier. If the democrats sat down for fifteen minutes, we could find out.


The Republicans continued to hold the Democrats responsible for the border crisis.

Border Fears for 2019 are expected to reach its highest level since 2006, doubling in 2018. According to an analysis by Princeton Policy Advisors, a group focused on developing policy solutions to problems such as illegal immigration, border fears could reach a term of 13 years, peaking at 913,000 by 2019.

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