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Trump: Dems have turned the border into "Disneyland," Perry Mason says, to win court battles

President Trump told "Sunday Morning Futures" that illegal immigrants are pouring into the country at unprecedented prices "because our economy is so good" and "everyone wants a piece of it" – and he claims the Democrats now have the incentives for illegal immigrants to bring children as a legal shield were important incentives.

"You must involve Perry Mason" to combat some immigration challenges and enforce border security, Trump said, citing the overhang of immigration cases and, most recently, a Ninth Circle ruling that asylum seekers may go before a federal judge.

"We're getting people out of the country so fast," he added. "The problem is that we need to register them, we have to bring them to justice, another country just says we're sorry, they can not come to our country and they're going out, you have to bring them to justice in our country 'I need you to know that Perry Mason is involved, I mean, you know, it's all legal, you have lawyers on the border, our people, lawyers, wise people standing on the border and signing people.' Trump continued, "Anyone catching a cold will try to blame Border Patrol, it's a shame what's going on, and it could be solved in fifteen minutes if the Democrats gave us the votes, then it would be over. "


During the dramatic live broadcast from the southern border, Anker Maria Bartiromo questioned several alleged family members ̵

1; including groups with small children – when they were seized by border guards. 19659003] Once widespread by Progre As it is a mere conservative hysteria, the humanitarian crisis on the frontier is too obvious even for some partisans to ignore. The New York Times published a story earlier this month titled "The US immigration system may have reached a break point", stating that the immigration tribunals handle nearly 900,000 cases, each requiring an average of 700 days to process.

Meanwhile, while their cases are pending, family units are increasingly being dropped off at remote bus stops – mainly due to the Flores Decree of 1993, which bans the detention of migrant children for more than 20 days.

Congress can fix the problem – and they're not out of their asses.

– President Trump

"We need new laws that will not allow this. So if someone comes in, excuse us. We have a court system with 900,000 cases in the background. They have a court that needs to hear 900,000 cases, "Trump said, referring to congested immigration and asylum courts." It's a system the Congress can fix – and they're not going to get their hands on it. "

Trump Calling the borderline situation "Disneyland" now that allegedly family units can not be separated for a long time, as part of the government's "non-tolerance" policy, adults who crossed the border with children became illegal was sued in the US – and had to be separated shortly thereafter under the Flores Decree of minors of their group.

"We – we go out and stop the separation," said Trump. "The problem is, you have ten times more people who come up with their families. It's like Disneyland now. You know, before you split, so people would say, do not let us go upstairs. Now you will not be disconnected and, you know That sounds good and all that happens is that you have – literally you have ten times more families because they are not separated from their children. "

  FILE - In this March 14, 2019 file photo, a group of migrant families runs from the Rio Grande, the river that separates the US and Mexico in Texas, near McAllen, Texas, just before leaving Border The US border authorities say they have begun to increase the biometric data they receive from children under the age of 13 and younger, including fingerprints, despite concerns about privacy and government policy that seeks to limit it (Photo / Eric Gay, File)

FILE – In this file photo from March 14, 2019, a group of migrant families from the Rio Grande, the river, the US, and Mexico go to Texas near McAllen, Texas, on the verge of being arrested by Border Patrol US border officials say they have begun to use the biometric data they collect from children under the age of 13 and younger including fingerprints, despite concerns about privacy and government policies aimed at limiting what can be collected from juvenile migrants. (AP Photo / Eric Gay, file)

The Progressives rhetoric on the subject will only help to strengthen Conservatives' votes, Trump added.

"Beto O & Rourke wants to tear down the walls – that is, he's done," said Trump, referring to O & # 39; s. "Rourke's desire to tear down existing border barriers." I mean, he was finished two weeks ago when he started saying some very stupid things. Beto was unmasked. Biden was unmasked. I do not know what the hell happened to Biden. "

Trump added," I – I do not know, it just does not look like the same Biden. I said, that's really Joe Biden. I've known him for a long time, I've seen him for a long time, what happened to him? So he was unmasked because he is very weak.

Given the swarm of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the country, the US border authorities say they have increased the biometric data from which they originate children under the age of 13, including fingerprints, despite concerns about data protection and privacy Government policy to limit what can be collected from immigrant youth 19659003] This year, the number of unauthorized border crossings wi Increases in the number of families outside the legal US Most come from Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, and many adults and children claiming asylum under US law.

The border patrol has warned that their detention facilities have passed and that they have neither staff nor resources to migrants In the near future, two tents will be opened at the Texas border and immigration authorities release families within a day or two to clear the detention rooms.

"Biden was unmasked, I do not know what the hell happened to Biden."

– President Trump

Faced with Trump's pressure to reduce illegal crossings, Homeland Security officials have the high numbers in part to adults who pretend to be parents to avoid imprisonment, blamed.

In a federal case in El Paso, authorities this month accused a Guatemalan man of having printed a fake birth certificate claiming to be the father of a teenager illegally crossing the border with him. The authorities say the teenager agreed to go with the man because he wanted to leave Guatemala. They could not confirm the age of the teenager.

A Border Guard official said this week that the agency, with the permission of its accompanying adults, has started a pilot program to collect children's biometric data, even though it did not specify where along the border it was implemented.

The Border Patrol is also working on a "rapid DNA pilot program," said Anthony Porvaznik, the senior patrolman in Yuma, Arizona, in a video interview published by The Epoch Times. The spokespersons of the Border Guard and the Department of Homeland Security have not returned several messages seeking a comment on both programs.

The Border Guard says that last year around 3,100 adults and children who fraudulently pretend to be families have been stopped, they can quickly be released to the US instead of being subjected to imprisonment or quick deportation.

The Department of Homeland Security has also warned against "child recycling" claiming that children are allowed to do so The US has been smuggled back to Central America to be paired with other adults in fake families – something that leaves them without fingerprints or other biometric data could not catch.

"These are children who are hired because they have no better word," Porvaznik said.

However, the border patrol did not publicly identify anyone who was arrested in a "child recycling" process or publish data on how many such systems were uncovered. Proponents say they are worried that in the name of the fraud, the agents could stop receiving personal information from children that could later be used against them.

"Of course there is child trafficking," said Karla Vargas, a lawyer for the Texas Civil Rights Project. However, she warned against implementing a "catch-all" policy that could limit the rights of persons seeking legal asylum.

At a roundtable with Trump broadcast in February, a Border Guard official described a case involving eight cases in South Carolina, including a Guatemalan woman claiming to have "recycled" children 13 times to pay a child of $ 1,500. The US law firm in South Carolina told the AP this week that the case was sealed and declined to comment. Meanwhile, immigration attorneys, the Border Patrol, cite regular scams when they separate a child from an adult relative who does not live a parent, even if the relative is the child's effective guardian.

Meanwhile, immigration attorneys.

  Migrants cross the border between Mexico and Guatemala on a raft over the Suchiate River near Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas State, Mexico, Saturday, April 27, 2019. Thousands of migrant children remain at the southern border of Mexico awaiting documents that allow them to stay legally in the country. (AP Photo / Moises Castillo)

Migrants cross the border between Mexico and Guatemala on a raft across the Suchiate River near Ciudad Hidalgo, Chiapas State, Mexico, Saturday, April 27, 2019. Thousands of migrants remain Mexico's southern border are waiting for documents that allow them to stay legally in the country. (AP Photo / Moises Castillo)

The Texas Civil Rights Project published a study in February that has ranked 272 separate families at a single Texas courthouse since June, after the Zero Tolerance policy officially ended and led to thousands of family divisions in 2018. 234 concerned adult siblings, aunts and uncle or other relatives of the children.

Under DHS regulations, the department may require the fingerprints of people entering the country illegally, but these regulations release anyone under 14.

Porvaznik's chief agent in Yuma, Arizona, told The Epoch Times that Agents under the pilot program can create fingerprints for children under 14 "if we get the permission of the adult to come with them."

Legal experts say, however, that the interpretation can be challenged in court.


"The DHS can claim that it can bypass this bar by obtaining parental permission, but this is interpreted ation The subject of a legal challenge, "said Cornell's law professor Stephen Yale-Loehr. "To do this legally, the DHS needs to go through the regulatory process to change the regulation."

Vargas of the Texas Civil Rights Project said she often talked to immigrant parents who had signed signed documents that they did not fully understand. [19659003] "It's never for immigrants as" You have the choice whether you want to sign this or not, "said Vargas.

Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, a researcher at George Mason University, said she doubted that This could lead to an "unintended positive outcome" due to extended data collection.

"It will be easier to investigate trafficking in migrants, abductions or other crimes affecting this vulnerable part of the migrant population," she said

Maria Bartiromo and The Associated Press of Fox News contributed to this report.

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