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Trump encounters GOP opposition with NAFTA threat

Congressional Republicans Warn President Trump Donald John TrumpNapolitano: Trump Jr. Believes He's Being Accused of Muller-Dems Scream in a Netherstep N.C. Race Over the Money China Confident in New Trade Agreement | GM chief meets lawmakers to calm rage over cuts Huawei CFO arrested MORE for not withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) with Mexico and Canada as he tries to bring an updated version of the deal.

"I hope he does not. I think that would be a big mistake, "said Sen. John Thune John Randolph ThuneTrump's court awards, taken hostage by Mueller Bill. GOP lawmakers claim Trump should restrict trade rhetoric deal before Dems House takes over MORE (RS.D.), which will become No. 2 GOP Senator in the next congress.

"The President does not have the legal power to unilaterally withdraw the United States from NAFTA," [Sen Pat Toomey . Patrick (Pat) Joseph Toomey Overnight Defense: Pick for South Korean envoy splits with Trump from nuclear threat | North Korean General WH's trump greeting trumps Trump's Due-Process Note on Guns Top GOP candidate drops out of Ohio Senate MORE (R-Pa Said he added, "It would have a significant negative impact if he tried."

Trump threatened to step down on Saturday with a tweet from the decade-old Free Trade Agreement that put pressure on the Democratic House to approve the updated agreement "I'll quit it in a relatively short time," said Trump on Saturday of NAFTA.

When Trump did so, the old trading rules became obsolete Tariffs implemented before the NAFTA would come back into force and probably increase the cost to businesses and consumers in the United States.

This explains the Widerstan d against the idea of ​​Republicans in Congress and why many believe that the President would not follow the threat.

The GOP complaints also undermine Trump's strategy of using the threat as a lever against Democrats calling for changes to the deal to gain their approval. The Democrats will control Parliament in January and there is virtually no chance for legislators to approve implementing provisions for the NAFTA replacement at the Lame Duck Congress over the next two weeks.

Trump previously threatened to rupture the NAFTA, causing warnings from Republicans, some of whom said they would go beyond Trump's presidential powers.

In May, Toomey wrote a friendly Wall Street Journal in which he told Trump he should not "blackmail" Congress with a NAFTA retreat, as this was "economically detrimental and unconstitutional."

Toomey wrote that Trump does not have the authority to terminate a trade agreement.

"Nowhere in the 1993 law or any other relevant statute has Congress delegated to the President the power to terminate a free law – trade agreement," he wrote Nafta can not repeal any more than he can lift ObamaCare or create a new Nafta without Congressional approval. "

Other Republicans are less secure than Toomey, but fears that Trump's cancellation of the trade agreement would create a legal gray belt are sinking the economy

"Ultimately, the Constitution gives Congress the power to trade," said the outgoing chairman of the F Committee of the Senate. Orrin Hatch Orrin Grant HatchHatch weighs with bans on "banning bacon home" with video "Overnight Health Care": GOP lurking on Trump's drug pricing plan Trump official report reports lack of health competition Cases of polio-like illness decline, CDC says GOP rejects Trump MORE's drug pricing plan (R-Utah), which will retire at the end of this congress.

"While we have delegated some powers Legislative power is limited by legislation, and unilateral threats could destabilize the US economy and undermine the critical partnership between Congress and the executive over trade policy. "

Economic concerns are another reason why some observers are skeptical That Trump would pursue this threat, despite the fact that he used many martial words to trade in acts has supported.

Stock markets fell this week amid fears over the wider US-China trade war – a potential concern for Trump as he prepares his re-election efforts in 2020. A troubled economy would hurt Trump, who blamed economic growth under his leadership why he should be re-elected.

Asked if Trump had the authority to unilaterally kill the agreement, Sen. John Kennedy John Neely KennedyMORE (R-La.) Said he did not want to figure out the hard way.

"You know, it's like having a gun and you can gamble if it's loaded or not, but if you're wrong, the consequences are serious," he said. "That scares me to death."

"You want to fill the stock market and throw away one or two points from [gross domestic product]you'll just get rid of the NAFTA," he added.

The next presidential election is likely to be the politics around the trade agreement.

Winning the approval of the new NAFTA would be a victory for Trump, something the Democrats may not want to give him before 2020.

The new treaty is in line with the NAFTA guidelines, but includes modernization elements for digital commerce, changes in wage-setting related to car manufacturing and a relaxation of Canada's close influence on its dairy market.

The changes demanded by the Democrats include enforcement mechanisms to tackle environmental and labor issues.

"It is disappointing, but not surprising, that President Trump wants to force Congress to resume the status quo of NAFTA if it works constructively with Congress to improve its proposed agreement o protect and safeguard American workers strengthened, "said Henry Connelly, a spokesman for the Rep. Nancy Pelosi A lot of experience that would be useful if I were to be President Scarborough to Dems: Plan 2020 against Donald Trump but assume that he will face Nikki Haley MORE (D-Calif.), who is likely to be the House's next speaker.

Pelosi met with US Commercial Agent Robert Lighthizer Robert (Bob Emmet Lighthizer McConnell calls on GOP senators to call Trump over tariffs Companies are demanding a trade war on Thursday MORE which praised the USMCA as a positive, but said that it would not do it justice The good things that Trump had negotiated would not matter without further changes.

"This bill has good features, but they do not matter if you do not have enforcement," she said before the meeting,

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