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Trump enjoys his sudden winning streak

"Wow, what an amazing last 48 hours, I can not stop watching," tweeted Brad Parscale, Trump's campaign manager for 2020, adding a smiling emoji.

Trump counted on the ultimate winner, the man of defiance bankruptcies, personal scandals and feuds that the establishment could not kill.

Now he attacks – and survives – the biggest prosecutor of his generation, Muller, the ultimate twin son of the establishment – a feat that will undoubtedly boost his political legend among supporters.

The Trump employees, who are being jailed or exposed as criminals thanks to Mueller's trial, are just so much collateral damage.

For what does not defeat him with Trump makes him stronger. And he undoubtedly enjoys his best days since winning the 201

6 elections.

A presidency that was born into a scandal and often struggles to get to the end of the day without it becoming a violent move or a political one Disaster is coming, the unusually pure breathes political oxygen.

Each of these triumphs is subject to reservations, but brings with it new challenges.

The absolute affirmation that Müller's White House claims is in reality far more problematic than Trump's. No one outside the Department of Justice has even seen Mueller's full report, which means that Trump's Attorney General William Barr's summing up has reached the cessation of political narrative.

Trump was already damaged by Daniels – in fact he was tagged as an unannounced co-conspirator in a crime criminalized by his ex-lawyer Michael Cohen. And when it comes to winning in shattered Syria, it's because of the victims of US and Allied forces, not the advocacy of politicians in Washington.

But in politics, perception is very important.

Trump's helpers spent most of the day in the West Wing on Monday, beaming with relief. And the president suddenly sees victory everywhere.

One day after learning that Muller could not provide enough evidence to collude with Russia and decide not to obstruct the judiciary, Trump welcomed the NHL Stanley Cup champions to the Oval Office.

"They" They are winners. They know how to win, "the president said about the Washington Capitals franchise, which had finally broken its futility last June.

As is often the case when praising others, Trump's qualities seemed to be identified by

What now for Trump?

The question now is what does Trump do with his victory?

A conventional political one Game would be sought to tie the nation's political wounds and extend its support above the solid 40% upper limit which rarely falls away but may not be enough to win reelection.

But Trump always rejects In fact, his willingness to spark his Mueller nightmare with the killing of FBI director James Comey, who helped designate the S lawyer led.

It seems likely that the lesson he will learn from Müller's apparent oppression is that there is no price for giving in to his instincts, a reality that foresees a vicious and militant run into the year 2020.

  Decoded: What the Summary of the Mueller Report on Trump and the Disability of Justice Say [19659021] Decoded: What the Summary of the Mueller Report on Trump and the Disability of Justice says

Trump was already unbundled as the departures of Blue Chip cabinet members were considered restrained and given his dominance over his republican roots and his ability to quell dissension within his party.

It is now clear that he views political mortality as an affirmation of an aggressive leadership style rooted in Comprehensive executive power and the practice of humiliating his political enemies.

On Monday, when he met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump looked more angry than rejoicing at a result of Müller's investigation, which seemed unlikely even last week. 19659003] "There are people who have done very, very bad things, very bad things – I would tell treacherous things – against our country," warned Trump.

"Hopefully the people who did such damage In our country – we've had a time of really bad things – these people are certainly being inspected," he said.

  The Americans want Muller's report to be published and approve of his work. But her opinion is decided about Trump.

It was not clear who the president was referring to. But he has often advised against former members of the Obama administration, Comey, former intelligence chiefs, and former Justice Department leaders.

His remarks raise the disturbing prospect of a seated president seeking power to retaliate against political enemies – a reality that would once again tear the barriers that have traditionally surrounded the presidency.

Trump helpers did everything they could to attack the media, claiming they had repeatedly misrepresented allegations of Russian collusion, and the Democrats swore the problem ahead of the 2020 elections.

"I think you'll see (Trump) will use this as a political stick, "former White House cliff sims told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on" New Day. " The risk for Trump is that some voters – especially those in key swing districts in the suburbs of the 2018 midterm elections – rejected the president's constant warfare and seditious rhetoric. Going into the 2020 race with a similar approach, rather than positive news about the healthy economy, would worry many GOP strategists.

Democrats yell disgustingly

Trump's opponents point out that victory has led to It Mueller's president is far less clear than the White House says – even if some are forced to admit that the indictment brought by Müller is valid despite general evidence of suspicious contacts between Russians and Trump colleagues.

Even Barr's brief summary of the report Mueller did not "relieve" Trump completely, as the White House claimed, and this was characteristic of the truth.

  How Democrats Solve Them

The Democrats demand that Barr release the full report so that he can examine the evidence The millers had found a barrier to justice in particular – so they can form their own opinion on whether they deserve to be ousted.

They also scream because Barr was nominated by Trump after writing an unsolicited memo arguing that Müller's investigation of fatalities was fatally misunderstood.

"He has now completed the job he has applied for, this is an attempt to relieve Mr. Trump when Mr. Miller said that no relief is in order," said Canadian Democrat Adam Schiff, a Californian Democrat, the Manu Raju of CNN. Democrats are not yet ready to conclude a Russia plot "src-mini =" // cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/181015093230-elijah-cummings-adam-schiff-split-small-169.jpg "src -xsmall = "// cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/181015093230-elijah-cummings-adam-schiff-split-medium-plus-169.jpg" src-small = "http: //cdn.cnn .com / cnnnext / dam / assets / 181015093230-elijah-cummings-adam-ship-split-large-169.jpg "src-medium =" // cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/181015093230-elijah- cummings-adam-ship-split-exlarge-169.jpg "src-large =" // cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/181015093230-elijah-cummings-adam-ships-split-super-169.jpg "src-full16x9 =" // cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/181015093230-elijah-cummings-adam-ships-split-full-169.jpg "src-mini1x1 =" // cdn.cnn.com /cnnnext/dam/assets/181015093230-elijah-cummings-adam-schiff-split-small-11.jpg "data-demand-load =" not-loaded "data-eq-pts =" mini: 0, xsmall: 221 , small: 308, medium: 461, large: 781 "/>

The Quality of Trump Victory could be compromised as soon as details of Mueller's findings emerge, if they contain substantive evidence of ethically questionable behavior that does not meet a criminal standard.

But for now, the shocking central fact of the Russia investigation – that the president was chosen by a hostile foreign power, Russia, in a brazen attack on American democracy – is mixed up in Washington.

This could be Trump's biggest win of all.

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