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Trump escalates Omar controversy The Hill

President Trump Donald John TrumpWH's Speaker: We are working with DHS and ICE to try to send undocumented immigrants to Protected Cities. Trump says he has the right to send undocumented immigrants to Protected Cities The Trade Plan MORE has a new foil: Republicans of the First Year Ilhan Omar Ilhan Omar Tlaib says the Dem leadership is more for Omar do: "They bring us photos if they want to show our party," Omar says thanks to supporters, suggests critics: Nobody can & # 39; Threatening my unwavering love for America & # 39; s CNN anchor confronted Trump adviser, who says the president has never provoked violence & # 39; MORE (D-Minn.).

Comments by The Minnesota Legislators last month against September 11th criticized its use as a cudgel against Muslim Americans and was heavily criticized on Friday when it escalated on Friday when it trumpeted them in a Video he tweeted . Speaking at the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) last month, Omar said that "some people did something about the 9/11 attacks before declaring that some used the attack to commit themselves to to take away the civil liberties of the Muslim Americans.

Trump shared a reworked video on Friday overriding comments on images and videos from the 2001 terrorist attacks, which suggested Omar was dismissing the incident. "We'll never forget it," he tweeted.

The tweet drew immediate counter-reactions and led the House Speaker . Nancy Pelosi Nancy Patricia D & # 39; s Alesandro PelosiWH-spokeswoman: We work with DHS and ICE to send undocumented immigrants to the cities where Tlaib has sought refuge, Democrats Democratization should support Omar more : "They bring us photos if they want to show that our party is diverse." CNN Anchor confronts Trump's advisor, who says the president has never triggered violence. "MORE (D-Calif.), To On Sunday issued a statement stating that it had warned the US Capitol Police to safeguard Omar's security.

"After the president's tweet, I spoke with the sergeant-at-arms to make sure it was the Capitol Police is conducting a security clearance to protect Congressman Omar, her family and her staff, and they will continue to monitor and respond to the threats she faces, "Pelosi said.

The spokesman also asked Trump to remove the video, saying it was "disrespectful and dangerous."

Their testimony came after the White House was defended Trump about the video: Omar has been at the center of much controversy and has been the target of threats ever since he became one of the first two Muslim women to join Congress earlier this year.

Sarah White's White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said on ABC's "This Week" Sunday that Trump's video did not mean "bad will" or "violence against anyone."

"But the president is absolute and should she called the congresswoman for her not just once, but the history of the Semitic comments, "she added.

The video was released a few days after the arrest of a self-proclaimed Trump supporter allegedly ordering death threats against Omar. [19659006] Rep. Dan Crenshaw Daniel CrenshawPelosi beats Trump over Omar video: CNN's Cuomo apologizes to 9/11 families for broadcasting Trump video 2020 Dems defends Omar in the midst of Trump criticism MORE [19659019] (R -Texas), a veteran of the Navy, was one of the first to take Omar's comments last week, which she refers to as "unbelievable." and later denied his criticism that had led to violence against them.

On Saturday after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Alexandria Ocasio-CortezA radical-centric platform for 2020 Michigan couple launches a pro-socialist online streaming service Green New Deal has a dirty secret MORE [19659003] (DN.Y.) According to him he went over the comments by comparing them to his decision not to accompany the compensation fund for the 9/11 victim, and Crenshaw said such criticism was "almost no answer."

"The fact that they would double." down here, trying to cover Ilhan Omar, if all you have to do is say Hey, misspoke, maybe she did not mean it that way. Why do not you just say that? "He said in Fox News."

Some Democrats have made a modest response to Omar and criticized Trump without defending their comments Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Said in a statement Saturday that "the memory September 9 is sacred ground and every discussion about it must be awe-guided. "

" The President should not use the painful images of September 11 for a political attack, "Pelosi added." It's wrong when the president as commander-in-chief lights the flames to make someone less safe. "

As his father tweeted the video, Donald Trump Jr. Donald (Don) John TrumpDoe's Mueller Review anticipates campaign financial offenses with Trump's Russia Contacts? Lara Trump on "Fox & Friends": Trump "One of the Biggest Presidents we've Ever Had" Trump accuses Ivanka of being a strong presidential candidate: "You would be very, very hard to beat ". MORE posted comments with a comment Omar is a non-American citizen and has maintained a double standard against threats against conservatives against threats against the legislature.

In the meantime, Democratic presidential candidates have made Trump's attacks on Omar an election campaign.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Kirsten Elizabeth GillibrandBernie Sanders, the flamethrower against two real health reformers. Two dozen Dem Senators call on Trump to renew the nuclear agreement with Russia 2020 Dems condemning the PASS's transgender military policy. MORE (DN.Y.) tweeted on Saturday that as a New Yorker representing the victims of September 11, she "can not accept minimizing this pain." However, she also condemned Trump's "dangerous rhetoric" against Omar.

Gillibrands scholarship holder of the 2020 presidential candidate Sens. Cory Booker Cory Anthony BookerBooker launches "Justice for All Tour" in Newark. O & Rourke receives first support in South Carolina. Bernie Sanders is the flamethrower against two real health reformers. MORE (DN.J.) And Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Ann Warren MSNBC Moderator Rips & # 39; Distorted Photos & # 39; on Omar 9/11. Pelosi beats Trump over the video of Omar: Wrong to the Flames & # 39; Bernie Sanders th The Flamethrower vs. Two Real Health Reformers MORE (D-Mass.) And former MEP Beto O & Rourke (1965) D-Texas) beat Trump's tweet without commenting on Omar's original comments. [19659015] Booker said in an interview published on Saturday that Trump's video was "vicious, crass, disgusting." Warren tweeted Friday that Trump incites "violence against a sitting congressman".

O & Rourke called the tweet "An incitement to violence" during a campaign on Sunday.

Omar switched to The United States in 1992, after fleeing a deadly civil war in Somalia, has in the past sparked controversy in its party calling for criticism from legislators supporting Israel. Republican National Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Ronna Romney McDaniel Fox's Kilmeade wonders if Omar is "an American premiere" after 9/11. Donald Trump secured the future of our American courts. Conservatives accuse Warren of hypocritical scandal over school scandal MORE Last week tweeted : "Democratic leaders must condemn their outrageous display of disrespect" after Omar's resumed comments. But this time, most Democrats are with her.

Rep. Jerrold Nadler Jerrold (Jerry) Lewis NadlerGiuliani beats Nadler for "diarrhea of ​​mouth", "lack of straightforwardness" Grand jury material becomes major slaughter line in The Mueller Review The Hills 12:30 Report: Dems press Barr Mueller Report MORE (DN.Y.) said on CNN Sunday at the "State of the Union" that he had no problem with the original comments of the Minnesota legislature before turning into what he called "Trumps Lack of "moral authority" described the matter.

"She characterized it only incidentally, she spoke of discrimination against Muslim Americans," Nadler said. "I had some problems with some of her other remarks, but not with this one."

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Rashida Harbi Tlaib Tlaib says the Dem leadership should support Omar more: "They bring us photos if they want to show that our party is diverse" -Cortez: GOP Angr iffe are "incitement to violence" against colored women MORE (D-Mich.), The only other Muslim woman in Congress said the Democratic leadership is handling the criticism badly. "

" Us in photos if they want to show our party is diverse, "she tweeted on Saturday.

" However, when we ask to be at the table or comment on issues that affect it We are ignored as to who we are, what we fight for and why we even ran, "she continued with a quote tweeting. A Californian lawmaker criticizing" the attacks on @IlhanMN and the subsequent lack of support for democratic leadership. "

According to Trump's tweet, Omar wrote on Saturday that she "did not run for Congress." "Be silent."

"No one, no matter how corrupt, incapable or vicious – can threaten my unshakable love for America " she added . "I remain tireless in continuing to fight for equal opportunity in our quest for happiness for all Americans."

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