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Trump faces cross-party criticism of Syria's withdrawal

President Trump was criticized by two parties on Sunday for deciding to order a withdrawal of US forces from northern Syria A Republican in Congress denounced the move as "weak" and a former chairman of the Senate committee for Foreign Relations warned against "reducing the character of our great nation." Emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art … = 157 & lang = DE Meanwhile, it has been announced that both chambers are preparing a joint resolution asking Trump to send his Decision to reverse face of a Turkish military offensive against Kurdish fighters in the region.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), An aviation veteran pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan, was among the loudest members of the President's party condemning this step.

In an appearance in CBS News & # 39; Face the Nation "Kinzinger pushed back against the argument that Trump and some of his allies, such as Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), Had advanced that withdrawal is a step towards eliminating the United States from "endless wars." [19659008] "You hear the President and people like Rand Paul talking about endless wars all the time and it's cheesy, but in fact we prevented an endless war," he said Kinzinger added, "For me – as a man who served in the military and really got into politics because I believe in America's role – it's daunting to leave an ally behind."

Rep. Adam Kinzinger R-Ill.) Speaking to Reporters in the White House on March 6, 2019. (Jacquelyn Martin / AP)

Kinzinger said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was "absolutely not allowed" to attend the White House as planned next mo nat. And he argued that Trump's decision jeopardized US national security because "there is now another group that believes they can not rely on the United States."

"The Kurds found out on Twitter for goodness sake." he said. "We gave her to the wolves. And the message this sends to our allies around the world, I think, will be really bad.

Bob Corker, a Republican from Tennessee, who also chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee until his resignation in January Trump's move was sharply criticized – though he did not name the president by name.

"The recent government decisions regarding Syria are a strategic mistake and further diminish the character of our great nation," Corker said in a tweet .

Other Republicans adopted a more neutral tone.

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (RS.C.), who previously described Trump's decision on Syria as "the biggest mistake of his presidency," praised the president on Sunday for his support for sanctions against Turkey.

"Good decision by President @ realDonaldTrump will work with Congress to impose crippling sanctions on Turkey's unprecedented aggression / war crimes in Syria Graham tweeted adding that Turkey is NOT considered good NATO allies had tweeted that he had dealt with Graham "and many members of Congress, including Democrats, on imposing powerful sanctions on Turkey."

"The Ministry of Finance is ready to go, additional laws may be sought Trump tweeted. "There's a lot of consensus here, Turkey has asked that this not be done, stay tuned!"

Former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis declined to directly criticize Trump for appearing on NBC News's "Meet the Press" America is safer today because the decision of the president is "a complex question".

"I would say America is always safer if it strengthens the confidence and sense of reliability among our allies that we are reliable," said Mattis. Only two Republicans – Paul and Senator Kevin Cramer (ND) – defended Trump's move.

"Meet the Press" reiterated Paul Espers's argument In a reference to Trump's original troop decision, he added that the president had "been right to remove 50 soldiers to face an onslaught of tens of thousands of Turkish troops. 19659024] "Will I send the sons and daughters of American mothers and fathers there to find out how Kurds and Turks can get along?" Asked Paul. "And I do not see that in our national interest and we should vote on it, we should vote in Congress and declare war if people want it."

Paul criticized Trump's decision last week,

"In fact, I would withhold troops and weapons from the Saudis until we see better behavior," Paul said, adding that it is inconsistent to say that we will not be there for endless, pointless wars and then have them in Saudi Arabia. "

Cramer said in CNN's" State of the Union "that, although he wished the situation would have been different," I I'm not sure if the president had a lot of choices. "

" I think the logical question is whether we're prepared to stay there and fight against the Turks, given the fact that the Turks e Are you determined to cross the border and build this militarized zone, with or without us staying there? … Of course the Turks are not the kind of ally the Kurds are, but they are a NATO country, as you have stated, and it's never as easy as a binary decision, "he said.

Rep. Justin Amash (I-Mich.), Who had left the Republican Party earlier this year and rejected a presidential nomination, criticized Trump's "Endless Wars" defense and called it "only cover for its disaster relief."

"President Trump could (and should have) withdrawn from Syria a long time ago and worked to keep Turkey out, "Amash tweeted on Sunday afternoon. "Instead, he pulled back a few troops (no retreat) and gave the green light for the attack of Turkey."

At a press conference in New York City on Sunday afternoon, Schumer announced that legislators in both chambers will come forward with a joint resolution to that effect. "Urges the president to reverse his decision to do everything possible to stop the Protect Kurds, do everything we can to prevent the escape of ISIS terrorists and ensure that Turkey respects existing agreements with Syria and the United States. " The Islamic State is also known as ISIS /

Schumer also referred to the attacks of September 11, 2001, in which he stated that "we New Yorkers are the prime target for terrorists in America."

"All of us On September 11, he learned that terrorism can start in a tiny cell up to 7,000 miles away and then metastasize into a domestic attack, "he said. "We've worked so hard and so long to prevent it from happening again." We sacrificed blood and dollars to keep it from happening. And suddenly the president reverses too much.

Several Democrats condemned Trump's decision in the morning news broadcasts.

Eliot L. Engel, Chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the House (DN). Y.) said on "Meet the Press" that legislators this week will be considering two bills that would condemn Trump's policy towards the Kurds and sanction Turkey "and all people involved in the event".

"I can not think of anything In all the years that I've been in Congress, it's more disgusting than what this President allows with the Kurds," Engel said.

Asked if Turkey is from the NATO should be excluded, Engel replied: "This is something that must be considered."

"I mean, how do you have a NATO ally who negotiates with the Russians if the Russians are the opponents of NATO "… Erdogan is a villain and I'm disgusted that the American president is comfortable with someone like Erdogan."

On "Face the Nation," Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, Adam B. Schiff (D. -Calif.), Trump's decision "A Complete Surrender" before Erdogan and "an unmitigated catastrophe" that will lead to the resurgence of the Islamic State.

And on "Fox News Sunday" Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md. ) the situation on the ground in North Syria "absolutely sick" and said it was "shameful" that Trump "allowed Turkey to kill the Syrian Kurds".

"That's why you have this big bipartisan uprising," said Van Hollen. "You have just won ISIS as a big winner because the Syrian Kurds were our most effective partner in finding ISIS. Now they are going to make a comeback.

Van Hollen also accused the president of not moving more quickly to sanction Turkey.

"For God's sake, what are you waiting for, right? "He said," At the moment people are being killed. "

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