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Trump has issued three laws against arms sales to Saudi Arabia

In messages to the Senate, Trump announced that it is returning the cross-party bills that blocked licensing for certain arms sales in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Britain, France, Spain, and Italy.

"Apart from The joint resolution would adversely affect our bilateral relations with Saudi Arabia, the UK, Spain and Italy, and impair the ability of the United States to maintain and shape critical security co-operation activities," Trump said in one of the embassies.

He described each resolution as "badly thought out" and said that it had not addressed the root causes of conflict in Yemen.

"The United States is very concerned about the consequences of the conflict for innocent civilians and seeks to bring the conflict to an end in Yemen. But we can not end it with ill-thought-out and time-consuming intentions that do not address the root causes "Trump said. "Instead of spending time and resources on such resolutions, I encourage Congress to focus its efforts on supporting our peace work through a negotiated settlement to the conflict in Yemen."

The package of Resolutions Against Disapproval was a symbol of the opposition's opposition to Congress ̵

1; including within Trump's own party – against the government's relationship with Saudi Arabia after journalist Jamal Khashoggi was assassinated last year.

The Trump administration declared an emergency in May to bypass Congress and accelerate billions of dollars in weapons sales to various countries, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. of Iran throughout the Middle East.

In a letter to the Congressional legislator in May, Foreign Minister Mike Pompeo said he "has stated that there is an emergency requiring the immediate sale of defense and defense services to Saudi Arabia" The United Arab Emirates and Jordan "around the Vicious Continue to discourage the influence of the Iranian government throughout the Middle East, "a CNN

In a statement released on Wednesday afternoon, Democrat Rep. Eliot Engel reported that the New York-based House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairperson said there was no emergency calling on Trump to deal with these arms trades around Congress. Emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art…1007 & lang = DE Point out that American foreign policy is no longer based on our core values ​​- viz.,

"Presidential veto sends a bad message respect for human rights – and that he does not see Congress as an equal branch of government, but as a stimulus that must be avoided or ignored, "Engel said in a press release. "Worse, this veto will cost innocent lives – these weapons will continue to fuel a ruthless and brutal campaign of violence and exacerbate the worst humanitarian disaster in the world."
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