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Trump hopes to announce a trade agreement with Japan soon

US. President Donald Trump (left) speaks as Shinzo Abe, Japan's Prime Minister, during a dinner at the Inakaya Restaurant in Roppongi district on May 26, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.

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At a press conference with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, US President Trump said he hopes to announce a trade agreement with Japan very soon.

During his four-day state visit, Trump said his goal was to remove trade barriers to give fair US exports to Japan.

During his comments, the Nikkei stock market in Japan maintained its gains as traders interpreted a largely positive atmosphere between the two men.

Trump described the US trade imbalance with Japan as "incredibly tall," but he hoped to tackle that.

"They are brilliant business people, brilliant negotiators and have put us in a difficult situation, but I think we will have a deal with Japan," said Trump.

Abe in turn said the two leaders had agreed to accelerate two -way trade talks.

Trump used to expressly associate trade and security, a link that bothers Japan, and places his US alliance at the heart of his defense policy.

"It's all a matter of balance," Trump said at the beginning of his conversation with Abe.

"When I talk about a security threat, I'm talking about a balance sheet," he said, adding that Japan had bought "enormous amounts" of US military equipment.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted that he would expect big trade moves Wait until after the upper house elections in Japan in July.

"In terms of trade, we will probably announce some things in August that will be very good for both countries," Trump said Monday. "I think we will quickly catch up with the trade balance."

Abe, who has been working closely with Trump since taking office, emphasized the close ties.

"This visit by President Trump and Madame Trump is a unique opportunity to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to the world and also within Japan," Abe told the press conference.

Trump and Abe, however, have launched a show of friendship that has political disagreements over trade and North Korea.

Trump has threatened to attack Japanese automakers with high tariffs. He also led an expensive trade dispute with China. This trade war between the world's two largest economies has hit markets worldwide and unsettled US allies, including Japan and the European Union.

These allies share US concerns about Chinese practices, but reject nTrump's hardball tactics.

Abe and Trump were also discussed about North Korea.

"I personally think that North Korea will bring many good things, I feel that, I may be right, I may be wrong, but I feel that," said Trump on Monday.

Trump had said that on Sunday because of a recent rocket launching in North Korea. This brought him into conflict with his own national security adviser, John Bolton, who said the recent short-range missile tests in Pyongyang violated the UN Security Council resolutions.

Japan shares Bolton's view. They also discussed Iran. Abe is considering a trip there next month to alleviate growing tensions between Iran and the United States. "We'll see what happens," Trump said. "But I know that the Prime Minister is very close to the Iranian leadership, and we'll see what happens."

Also on Monday, Trump met families of Japanese nationals who had been kidnapped for decades by North Korea.

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