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Trump impeachment: Dramatic deposition shakes the president's defense

On another exciting day in a presidency that marks one of the most turbulent passages in the history of US politics, Trump's plight and those of his GOP defenders have dimmed noticeably.

That makes it much harder for the GOP

And the new testimony could increasingly force the supporters of the president to make a fallacy: What he did was inappropriate The Democrats argued that Taylor's statement was the most shocking revelation of theirs months of impeachment investigation – which, as a result, is likely to become more complex. This testimony is a fundamental change. I think it could speed things up, "Democratic MP Stephen Lynch of Massachusetts said.

Democratic MP Gregory Meeks from New York said there was clear evidence of a counter-performance manifesting in Trump's pressure on Ukraine.

"It's out there, so read the text of the Declaration," he told CNN's Anderson Cooper

Carrie Cordero, a CNN legal analyst and former senior Justice and Intelligence official, described Taylor's statement as " an incredibly big deal. "

" Bill Taylor articulated clearly in the way we understood it most clearly. At this point, the exchange was on the table, "Cordero said to" Erin Burnett OutFront. "

White House slams "radical bureaucrats"

Trump denied any wrongdoing and said the Democrats tried to sue him for not voting for the 2020 elections ht win. His legal team accuses the Democrats of carrying out an illegitimate procedure that is unfair to the President.

But another day of devastating revelations on Capitol Hill helps explain Trump's increasingly explosive behavior, comparing his own sense of victimization with African-Americans lynched in the darkest moments of the nation's past.

The White House did not directly question Taylor's statement, but chose to attack the constitutional democratic process and summon a new conspiracy theory.

"President Trump has not done anything wrong ̵

1; this is a coordinated slander campaign by far-right legislators and radicals who have not been elected bureaucrats are waging war on the Constitution," White House spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham said in a statement.

Taylor, one of the "radical, unelected bureaucrats" in the president's sights, is a highly respected civil servant who has been appointed directly by secretary Mike Pompeo and is a veteran of the Republican George W. Bush administration.

When Trump raged in the White House, Republica's most loyal defenders insisted that Taylor's statement did not change anything. "I've been there for 10 hours, I can assure you that there is no return," MP North Carolina MP Mark Meadows said.

Sen. South Carolina's Lindsey Graham defended Trump's use of the term "lynching."

"This is a deception, this is a joke," he said.

"So that's lynching in every way, it's un-American," he added.

But even more The moderate Republicans expressed public concern over the new testimony that helped trump back policy business in Ukraine, with its personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and several personal advisers, to restructure it.

"The question we are going to answer here is this: is this a measure of impeachment or is it a difference of opinion over politics?" Said Republican Deputy Mayor Will Hurd.

Hurd was asked by CNN's "The Situation Room" if it was impossible to withhold nearly $ 400 million in aid from Ukraine to force Trump's political opponents to investigate.

A level we should think about, "Hurd said.

Florida Republican Francis Rooney said he was worried about the Taylor deposit, I do not know."

The debate is spinning The Nature of Crime and Offenses

That there are now open discussions on Capitol Hill The nature of a criminal offense points to the gravity of the case against the President and the astounding level of detail created by the Democratic indictment probe was promoted.

It is not in itself a criminal offense for a president to open a back door business for foreign affairs. For example, Franklin Roosevelt had his own shadow team of ambassadors during the Second World War.

Trump's plan to undermine the US's long-term foreign policy goals and question Russia's aspirations in Ukraine, however, clearly raises serious national security issues

However, the question is whether the president has used his power to to shape foreign policy so as to have a political impact on a potential rival of 2020, and to encourage a Democratic study on the 2016 campaign, which will decide on the impeachment process. [19659003] In practice, Taylor's statement is likely to be a return trip to Trump's Ambassador to the European Union committees, Gordon Sondland, who testified last week.

His statement is also likely to increase the pressure for a suspension by former National Security Advisor John Bolton and Tim Morrison, Trump's current senior White House officials, both of whom were mentioned in the deposit.

Mark of Conviction

Taylor's help in his opening statement that Sondland had "tried to explain to me that President Trump is a businessman, when a businessman gives someone who owes him something He wants to sign a check asking him to pay before signing the check. "

The testimony provides a credibility test between Sondland, a wealthy hotelier and Republican donor with no diplomatic experience, and Taylor, who has rendered 50 years of government service and a methodological one , is a professional diplomat and veteran of the Vietnam War Infantry.

Taylor's inaugural speech was rich in detail and featured a stunning section that apparently denied Trump he offered in return while dangling one.

  CNN Poll: 50% Assistance in Impeachment Trump and Dismissal ]

[19659011] "According to Morrison, President Trump told Ambassador Sondland that he is not asking for anything in return." But President Trump has insisted that President Zelensky go to a microphone and say that he is launching an investigation into Biden and the electoral disorder in 2016 and that President Zelensky wants to do it himself.

In another interesting development on Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who was already conducting a rearguard action against Trump's withdrawal from Syria, repressed the President's attempts to use him as a character witness.
The Republican from Kentucky He said he never had a conversation, or at least did not remember, in which he had acted as Trump reported he described the call of the president with Zelensky as being perfect.

He also criticized Trump's lynched remark, though he criticized the democratic process in the The House of Representatives, despite increasing frustration in Washington, had blasted

GOP with Trump, there is still little evidence that Trump, despite increasing support for the impeachment and impeachment of the electorate as a whole, is his Republican firewall could break in an impeachment of the Senate

A New CNN / SSRS Circ on Tuesday revealed that only 6% of Republican voters support Trump's fall – a sobering statistic for GOP legislators who want a long-term political future.

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