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Trump in California says homelessness is destroying cities

President Trump arrived in California late Tuesday morning in the midst of mounting questions about his government's plans to meddle in the state's homeless crisis.

After visiting the Bay Area, the President landed at around 4:15 pm at the Los Angeles International Airport.

Trump is on a two-day visit to the state of Palo Alto in Beverly Hills and San Diego. It is expected that the fundraiser will contribute $ 15 million and help Trump Victory, a committee composed of the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee, beat down the deep blue state in the run-up to the 2020 elections. When he boarded Air Force One Tuesday, he discussed the problem with reporters, saying that he considered creating an "individual task force" as a possible solution to homelessness without providing any further details.

"We can not let Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other cities destroy themselves by letting things happen. "The homeless crisis is causing residents of these cities to leave the country. "You can not believe what happens."

Locations because of prestige, "he said. "In many cases they came from other countries and relocated to Los Angeles or San Francisco because of the city's reputation, and suddenly they have tents. Hundreds and hundreds of tents and people live at the entrance to their office building. And they want to go. And the people of San Francisco are tired of it, and the people of Los Angeles are tired of it.

The President said he plans to discuss the issue with US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Ben Carson, who will continue to discuss him Tuesday in the San Francisco Bay Area and then in LA

According to Michel Moore, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department, he and Carson will meet on Wednesday to discuss housing issues, including homelessness. The meeting was requested by Carson.

Californian officials largely questioned the Trump government's intentions that the president wants to use homelessness and urban illness as a wedge for the 2020 campaign. But they said they are ready to work with Trump.

In a letter signed Monday by Governor Gavin Newsom and mayors and district superiors from across the state, they asked for 50,000 more coupons that would help people the most with the real estate crisis in California. They also called on the Trump administration to encourage landlords to accept vouchers.

"This is a pretty remarkable opportunity if you take your wishes seriously," Newsom said at a press conference. "If they are insincere and, God forbid, this is something else ̵

1; politics, not good politics – then they reject it immediately, I hope that's not the case."

Last week, Trump government officials spent Several days in Los Angeles to meet with representatives of the city and county and homeless people To the dismay of some local officials, the government has talked little publicly about plans.Some speculate that the goal is homeless camps clearing it up by bringing people to state-run emergency shelters.

On Monday, the White House announced a new goal: to deregulate the housing market to increase the supply of housing, condominiums and homes. [19659002] Last week, Justice Department officials discussed possible "workarounds" with law enforcement union officers in Los Angeles to deal with court settlements, rulings and lawsuits that limited LAPD's ability to enforce enforcement efforts in warehouses.

While Trump raised the issue of homelessness in Air Force One, Texas Democratic presidential candidate Beto O & Rourke fought a thunderbolt against reports that the president is considering a plan to drive people off the streets of Los Angeles and expose them in emergency shelters to force warehouses.

El Paso's former congressman met with attorneys at the Downtown Women's Center, where he vowed to strengthen federal action ts to combat homelessness.

O & Rourke said the homelessness path "can not be to use the police to drive people off the streets and out of sight".

Of California's approximately 130,000 homeless, about 90,000 were not cared for until last year. Within the city of Los Angeles, the number increased by 16% in 2019 to over 36,000. In the county, there are just under 59,000 – an increase of 12% over the previous year.

For Trump, he pointed out in interviews that scenes of homeless people in cities seem to be mentally ill and walk around garbage cans are unacceptable. In fact, he said, they are "inappropriate".

During a speech at a Republican conference in Baltimore on Thursday, Trump said his government had "notified" California, although it was unclear what that "notification" was.

"Clean up," he said. They have to do something, they can not have it, these are our big American cities and they're embarrassing. "

Protesters mobilize in the Bay Area

In preparation for Trump's arrival, protesters mobilized throughout the state Tuesday. [19659002] There were approximately 200 in the San Francisco Bay Area In the Portola Valley's Rossotti Field, demonstrators gathered with the backbone campaign, Raging Grannies and Vigil for Democracy – not far from the Palo Alto mansion where the fundraiser was held. The mansion, the home of Sun Microsystems co-founder Scott McNealy, is priced at $ 96 million.

Police cars and motorcycles from San Mateo County sheriff's department and from across the county lined the city Alpine Drive off Interstate 280. Along the way, some demonstrators held signs calling for Trump's impeachment, in which shuttle transporters with dispensers drove past.

Tesla, Mercedes and hybrid cars drove by. A cyclist cursed the demonstrators.

Curious neighbors also joined the loud assembly. Among them, Dene Rowell, who lives near the mansion, stopped to look at the hustle and bustle. She said she had seen tents set up there since the end of last week. She guessed it was a wedding-until she saw the intelligence agents pounce on the estate.

"Then I put two and two together," Rowell said.

Meghan Melaney, a Menlo Park "Raging Granny", said she was there to fight for an "ethical government."

Her compatriot Ruth Robertson from Palo Alto brought a bag filled with extra caps.

"People turn up and want to join in," she said. "I'm getting ready."

A balloon resembling a childlike trump in diapers hovered over the demonstrators. On Saturday, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a VIP flight restriction order prohibiting aircraft, gliders, parachute operations, hang gliding, banner towing and "balloon operations" within a 52 kilometer radius of Palo Alto. The balloon was flown despite the announcement.

William Johnson of Backbone Campaign, who brought the balloon, said he had not seen any safety concerns about the balloon. The group is from Vashon, Washington.

"We wonder if they are targeting us," Johnson said of the FAA restriction.

Alan Marling, an activist from San Francisco, helped organize another event at The Embarcadero in San Francisco said demonstrators would fly their balloons despite the restrictions. In fact, a chicken balloon with trumpet-shaped hair appeared there on Tuesday afternoon.

"If Donald Trump spends taxpayer money to stop activists from flying Baby Trump balloons," it just proves he's one, "Marling said.

A copy of the invitation to the Palo Alto event Organized by the Republican National Committee, ticket prices range from $ 1,000 to $ 100,000, and major donors will receive a photo opportunity with the President and a "premiere seating" for lunch, with a $ 35,500 donation providing "preferred seats." local promoter is not named.

And in Los Angeles, where Trump is to spend the night, the Revolution Club will protest Trump's visit to Beverly Hills where he is scheduled to attend a roundtable with supporters and a fundraising dinner Committees in House of Real Estate Developer and Republican Donor Geoff Palmer () {
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