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Trump insists he has a right to foreign policy after his intelligence agents break with him

  Donald Trump "With regard to North Korea, President Donald Trump said the relationship of the historically isolated countries to the US was" the best there has ever been. "| Alex Wong / Getty Images </p>
<p>  President Donald Trump insisted on Wednesday that his government had made significant progress in completing the long-standing engagement of US forces in the Middle East, contradicting its top intelligence officers by announcing that the Islamic state was in Syria </p>
<p>  The Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel both pointed out that between President and Secret. </p>
<p class= The story of the most serious threats to the USSWorldwide disputed

story below service on three important issues Daylight prevails: that the Islamic State continues to be strongly represented in Iraq and Iraq Syria, North Korea is unlikely to give up its nuclear weapons, and Iran is not yet seeking a nuclear weapon.

The President raised some of these contradictions on Wednesday morning in a series of tweets. He wrote that "tremendous progress" had been made in the fight against the fighters of the Islamic State since he took office two years ago, "especially over five weeks ago," when he abruptly announced that they had already been defeated and that he would pull US forces out of Syria.

The Islamic State declares itself "the caliphate will be unthinkable two years ago," he claims.

This position brings the President into disagreement with what Coats said on Tuesday, as He predicted that the Islamic state would "very likely continue to pursue attacks from Iraq and Syria against regional and Western opponents, including the United States" , and noted that the militant group intends "the resurrection and still command thousands of fighters in Iraq and Iraq." Syria.

Regarding North Korea, Trump said the historically isolated countries' relations with the US are "the best there has ever been."

Although he had previously stated that he would push ahead with Kim Jong Un's volatile regime in order to completely soften his nuclear weapons program, Trump said Wednesday there was a "decent chance". While Coats said to lawmakers on Tuesday, Kim's regime had "stopped some evidence," as the occupation's "nuclear-related" behavior and Kim's "continued to show openness in denuclearization of the peninsula," noted the director According to the National Intelligence Service, some of North Korea's activities are "incompatible with complete denuclearization."

"Time I'll say what will happen to North Korea, but at the end of the previous administration the relationship was appalling and very bad things would happen, now a very different story," Trump said Wednesday.

"I look forward to seeing Kim Jong Un soon," he added, referring to his second summit with Kim late next month. "Progress makes a big difference!"

The President also said that peace talks with the Taliban "are going well in Afghanistan after 18 years of fighting," adding, "The fight continues, but the people of Afghanistan want peace in this never-ending We will soon see if the talks will be successful. "

While the US Ambassador to Afghanistan said at the weekend, the negotiators had" made significant progress on important issues, "a former US Ambassador to Afghanistan said Wednesday's government's approval to exclude the Afghan government from peace talks with the Taliban and call for the creation of such a framework for peace that amounts to capitulation. [1] Ryan Crocker, a career diplomat who served as the Obama administration during the Obama administration Ambassador to Afghanistan had served, wrote in a statement In the Washington Post is the terrorist group By negotiating with the Taliban, while at the same time agreeing to their demands for a spin-off of the Afghan government, they can flourish again after the withdrawal of US troops.

"The Taliban will knowingly offer a set of obligations When we leave and the Taliban are back, we have no way to enforce any of them," he wrote.

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