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Trump lashes immigration storm over children

It's a classic strategy he's used in toxic immigration wars to demonstrate his harshness and commitment to law and order, while blaming Democrats for not solving the system's problems.

It's likely a game that will win GOP base voters who saw in Trump a soothsayer about immigration, its harsh policies and promise to build a wall, what they viewed as liberal political correctness over the issue, could tear. Trump's opponents see his policy as appeasing a stubborn stream of nationalist thinking on the right that seeks to stop both illegal and legal immigration.

The President repeatedly asks his supporters to defend themselves in the November elections The enthusiastic Democratic voters who know his political future in Washington depend on the GOP clinging to the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The leaders of the GOPs are already concerned about the Moderators' continuing efforts to force a referendum on the Obama-era "Deferred Action for Children Arrivals" program, a program Trump had completed last year but was kept alive by the riots.

Trump opted for his recent political struggle over his government's policy of separating children from parents illegally crossing the border and being prosecuted. The controversy over politics coincides with separate revelations that his government has lost track of nearly 1
,500 children removed by parents waiting for immigration cases and staying in care homes or with sponsors.

The government's apparent unwillingness or inability to find these children is a sinister omen for thousands more who could be led to a similar fate under the Trump government's enforcement action.

The president poured oil into the fire on Saturday.

"Put pressure on the Democrats to end the terrible law that separates children from their (sic) parents as soon as they cross the border into the US," Trump tweeted.

The President said earlier this month, "We have to separate families … the Democrats have given us this law, it's a terrible thing, we have to smash families."

But there's no law that does Government Obliged to Separate Children from Undocumented Migrants or Asylum Seekers – Least of All (19659005) It is the policy of the Trump administration to refer any person who crosses the border illegally to federal prosecution, with the result that children Being Separated From Their Parents Because They Can not Legally Follow Them In The Federal Prison

The law on this issue was a bipartisan initiative that was unanimously approved and signed by Republican President George W. Bush, such as CNN's Jake Tapper and FactCheck. org reported. It does not require parents and children to be separated at the border.

The law requires that unaccompanied minors from countries other than Mexico or Canada be sent to the care of refugee offices or relatives in the US while the removal process is being conducted

Strong Deterrence

The Government has made no secret of hoping that the likelihood that families will be smashed will prevent undocumented migration.

On May 7, Attorney General Jeff Sessions made the current government's policy explicit, apparently to prevent border crossings.

"If you smuggle illegal aliens across our border, we will track you, and if you smuggle a child, we will prosecute you." This child will be separated from you, as the law requires, "Sessions said.

In an interview with NPR in May, White House chief of staff John Kelly described the separation of the family as a "severe deterrent."

Children are cared for – in foster care or whatever. But the big issue is that they are being elected to come to the United States illegally, and this is a technique that no one hopes will be used extensively or for very long, "Kelly said.

Critic of Trump's policy say that the President is removing and exploiting the well-being of children as he drives home his zero tolerance immigration policy

"They have a targeted abuse of children for political benefits," said David Leopold, the former President of the American Immigration Lawyers Association.

"(Trump) accuses a lie – it's a deliberate lie to focus the media and commentators on something that is not true, and its base believes it," Leopold said. 19659002] The plight of unaccompanied children crossing each other The border is the latest immigration storm flogged by the White House in Trump and imposes travel restrictions on people some Muslim countries and the uncertainty of DACA recipients – undocumented migrants brought to the US as children 9002] The question reiterates the question of whether Trump's determination to tighten immigration laws is consistent with the nation's core values ​​and a humanitarian commitment for the protection of children in conflict.

That same Saturday, Trump also tweeted his rhetoric on immigration a way that could further inflame the political atmosphere that will make any solution to the problem even more difficult.

"Catch and release, lottery and chain must go along with it, and we MUST continue to build the WALL! DEMOCRATS PROTECT MS-13 THUGS," Trump tweeted, highlighting the most divisive aspects of a debate that US policy has since plagued shaken for more than a decade.

Monday afternoon he continued in another tweet : "Remember that the Nancy Pelosi Democrats are also weak in terms of crime, the limit and being gentle and kind to MS-13 gang members do not want to … well! "

Base Pleasing Game

Of course, Trump is not the only political figure who believes that he can use the immigration debate to his advantage: For years, Democrats have turned to Hispanic voters – a centerpiece of theirs own basis – and promised comprehensive and comprehensive reforms.

Democratic Congressman Joaquin Castro is organizing a # WhereAreTheChildren rally in San Antonio on Thursday that is likely to be just one of many democratic efforts to appeal for Trump's attack on her own base.

"When I think of the 1500 lost children and those who are syst emancipated from their mothers at the border, I come back to the same idea: If we can not stop that in America, we will not stop it." Castro tweeted on Sunday.

But no modern president has deliberately attempted to expose the immigration frontiers – one of the most fundamental political issues in the Western world – as much as Trump did.

In recent years, any effort to restructure the American immigration system, which dates back to the Bush administration's second term, has failed because of the vicious political dividing lines that emerged whenever an important aspect of the debate flared up.

The controversy over family separation could also complicate attempts by some moderate Republicans to protect themselves from the aftermath of Trump's harsh rhetoric.

The rebellious lawmakers are trying to force a vote against the wishes of the House GOP leadership on a series of immigration bills.

The group approaches Under the signatures, he must automatically trigger a vote – after winning the support of almost all democrats.

The Republican House leadership is working with other law firms to try to force a vote on issues ranging from border financing to citizenship in a manner that could prevent the rebellion. But Trump's final decision to light the flames could throw all those careful calculations and sensitive efforts into the bin.

CNNs Lauren Fox and Tal Kopan contributed to this report.

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