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Trump leans against his chaotic style

"It's the way I bargain, it has done me good over the years and it's even better for the country, I think," he said.

But in a deeper sense, Trump also highlighted fundamental judgments about his tenure that voters must take before the 2020 election.

His political future could depend on whether a sufficient number of Americans decide that the Trumpian turmoil of his first term expresses her disappointment with the Washington establishment and brought prosperity, peace, and peace Patriotic pride he wished in the 2016 election campaign has promised.

A big risk is that the majority of voters are simply exhausted by the cacophony of the Trump era, which was seen on the weekend at the G7 summit in France, bringing chaos. Reversals of politics, lies for granted, ongoing cultural warfare and expansion of national divisions.

In other words, is Trump "even better for the country" the whole time, as the President emphasizes? [1


A Wild Weekend

  Trump's Rocky Weekend Shows Highs and Lows in Chinese Trade War

The weekend of the President in Biarritz, France, was a classic example of his overseas behavior.

His Political Decisions Concerning Iran, Climate, Trade with China and Attempt to Get Russian President Vladimir Putin Back Despite the opposition of US allies, the summit left America isolated on the global stage.

But his readiness to fight was undoubtedly also an expression of the power of the United States, as foreign leaders may not be able to live with Trump, but they can not live without America trying not to annoy him. True to his word, the president has made the most powerful nation in the world unpredictable and made friends and rivals unsure what will happen next.

Trump has skipped a meeting on global warming – a scientifically proven trend he claims was a Chinese joke. He makes unverifiable claims that China has bowed to his harsh rhetoric. He took dizzyingly different attitudes in the trade war. Trump accused the media of lying when he questioned his story about the summit. He gave in to his obsession with Barack Obama and beat the former president on a foreign soil in a way that once would have been taboo if First Lady Melania Trump had hit North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. (It does not, as it turns out.)

Above all, Trump's behavior underscored how his flammable personality has turned the United States from one of the world's most stable influences into one of its most disturbing forces.

It was remarkable how the summit's host, French President Emmanuel Macron, played a stabilizing and converging role over the weekend, bringing his nation into the role of the mature world power once reserved for the United States.

Trump instead chose to lead the martial daily struggle that is characteristic. He is mostly at home in the White House and this has become the soundtrack of American life.

Trump's base loves what he does.

Trump made another notable comment in Biarritz. [19659002] "I do not do anything for political reasons," he said in one of the least credible statements of a presidency in which almost every decision seems to appeal to his most loyal constituents.

On his return to Washington, Trump tweeted a highly-produced campaign-style video on Tuesday evening, showing him side by side with world leaders, politics and temperament alien to him.

While Trump's behavior shocks the East Coast establishment, his performance in a China store in France is the key to his appeal to the Trump base.

Disconcerting leaders of states whom Trump believes have long exploited US generosity and defense guarantees are fine for the fans of "Make America Great Again" who flock to his rallies. Trump's statement on climate change – that he will not lose US wealth through "dreams, windmills" – should benefit his workers in the developed world of the Midwest.

The president's "America First" policy Among the voters who support the president, it has emerged that the US is triumphing and losing other states.

Meanwhile, some conservative media have taken their Monday morning communications, for which China had contacted Overnight, as new talks at face value – playing with its claims to be a big dealmaker, although objective analysis finds little support for such allegations could.

How Trump Does not Feel Better for America

But there have been signs in recent days that Trump's unpredictable methods are catching up with him.

His swings across China – taking a gentle approach from anger to rage and greasing Chinese President Xi Jinping – have left his strategy for trade waring confused. Unless there is an unlikely upward trend on both sides, there is no obvious way out of an escalation that could harm the world economy, harm US consumers and hurt Trump's hopes for re-election, which could benefit the 2020 campaign.

He agreed with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that both sides are close to a trade agreement. Although there are many details that are unclear about the scope of the pact, it would be an important data point for him to trumpet on the campaign – even though, unlike other Trump-era trade agreements, it does not meet his expectations Spin.

Trump's cautious openness to France's efforts to hold a meeting with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani could be seen as a potential sign of statecraft and a reward for his campaign of maximum pressure and cool war fears.

But the story of Trump's recent trip around the world concerned the apparent instability of his character, the coherence of his messages in the White House, and whether he was up to the task.

The president's accustomed challenges to the truth can also damage his foreign policy.

CNN's Alison Kosik reported Monday that some Wall Street traders doubted that any calls or communications had taken place between senior US and Chinese officials, Trump claimed.

When the Word of a Communist Chinese Government is Trusted So much among an audience like that of a pro-business Republican president, it's a sign of how Trump's transformation of the truth has cost him politically.

Foreign policy rarely decides on elections. And Trump's appearance at the G7 summit will be a distant memory in November 2020.

But his appearance in France helps clarify the choice of those voters who do not opt ​​for Trump, and adds a wealth of evidence to his character and suitability at the office. Trump's fickle appearance was the latest example of his behavior, which made him open to ridicule abroad. In this regard, there was more ammunition for his critics last week when he canceled a separate trip to Denmark because his Prime Minister Greenland would not sell to the US.

Democratic presidential candidates – in particular former Vice President Joe Biden – use such violations of international etiquette that justify the case that Trump is an embarrassment to the outside world of America and therefore is not fit for a second term.

Biden almost acted like a shadow president and tried to make a good contrast with Trump. He tried to note on Saturday that he would comply with the old convention of not commenting on a president when he is on foreign soil – an almost curious step in the Trump era.

The former vice president had already done so, however, setting the stage free to argue that Trump's overseas appearance was unacceptable, with a statement issued on Friday calling for the president's "irrational and self-destructive campaign in the US World less safe and less respected "was blown up.

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