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Trump Michigan Speech: Trump seizes the Great Lakes

During his Thursday night rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, President Donald Trump made inadvertently funny comments about the Great Lakes while announcing he intended to fully fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

"We have some news," said Trump. "I do not think you can handle it."

He continued:

I support the Great Lakes. Always have. They are beautiful. They are big, very deep. Record depth, right? And in honor of my friends, I will receive the full $ 300 million in funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which you have been trying to achieve for over 30 years. So we will do it.

Here is the material:

However, it is not the case that Trump was "always" a supporter of the Great Lakes. Less than a month ago, his government proposed a budget that would reduce funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative from $ 300 million to $ 30 million. The President's announcement on Thursday meant a rejection of his own budget.

In each of Trump's budget proposals, deep cuts were made to the recovery initiative, as Cleveland.com explains:

Since joining the White House, all of the annual budgets Trump had submitted to Congress suggested cutting the program but Congress has suspended $ 300 million a year from Trump. For the past two years, Trump has proposed cutting the program by 90 percent. In his first year in office, Trump called for the program to be canceled.

Understandably, Democratic members of the congress, who successfully championed the rescue of the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, were not impressed by Trump's comments in Grand Rapids. In a statement, MEP Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) said: "As Chair of the Subcommittee on Funds responsible for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, I would never have allowed Trump to get GLRI through Congress. It is an insult to the 30 million people who rely on the Great Lakes to even make such a catastrophic proposal on the table.

It's not like the Great Lakes are "recording depth". The deepest lake in the world is Lake Baikal in Russia, and the deepest lakes in the United States are Crater Lake in Oregon and Lake Tahoe in California. An unofficial Twitter account on Lake Superior responded to Trump's comments by acknowledging this reality.

Trump contradicts his own budget proposals

Trump – the same During his speech in Michigan, he made false, unintentionally witty comments on wind energy . He returned hours after the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, after suddenly abolishing the course of lifting federal funding for the Special Olympics as part of his government's proposed budget.

Before saying goodbye to his speech in Michigan, Trump told reporters, "I heard about [the proposed cuts] this morning. I have overwritten my people. We finance the Special Olympics.

Trump's comments came two days after Minister of Education Betsy DeVos had violently fought to defend the proposal during a hearing.

Trump's apparent madness may be a little methodical. On Friday morning, Axios Mike Allen reported that government officials "past and present" have told us that Trump casts a spell over the coverage in which he acts unilaterally. Even – one source said above all – when it came to overwriting members of its own administration.

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