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Trump News Live: Latest election updates for 2020 when niece Mary’s book portrays the president as a traumatized narcissist

California Coronavirus cases reached 10,000 a day when Trump supported therapeutic drugs against vaccines

As entertaining as that is, let’s not forget that the real problem right now is the corona virus.

California reported more than 10,000 new cases of Covid-19 on Tuesday, a record single-day climb that also exceeded the number of contact tracers recently trained by the state to identify and prevent potential outbreaks.

California is one of several states that reported an increasing number of new infections over the past week, raising specific questions about how Trump dealt with the crisis, and hindering state plans to lift bans.

The 10,201 new cases reported on Tuesday have increased the total number of cases in the state to almost 284.00 since the pandemic began. In June, infections in California more than doubled with over 1

17,000 new cases.

The daily increase exceeds the 10,000 contact tracers that Governor Gavin Newsom announced in mid-May when the number of cases fell as part of plans to reopen the state.

Newsom said at the time that more than 500 people had already been trained as “disease detectives” using state databases to track down and advise people who had come into contact with confirmed cases.

Instead of opening up the state economy further, Newsom withdrew these efforts last week, banned indoor dining in large parts of the state, closed bars, and enforced social distance. Indoor activities in restaurants, cinemas, museums and other facilities have been banned in 19 counties in which 70 percent of the population live for at least three weeks.

Only three other states have reported more than 10,000 cases a day. Florida reported 11,458 new cases on July 4 and Texas reported 10,028 on Tuesday.

New York recorded 12,847 new infections on April 10, three weeks after the state introduced a strict ban that closed most companies. New York, once the epicenter of the U.S. part of the global epidemic, saw cases increase by about 6 percent in June – the lowest rate in the country.

As for Trump, he insisted yesterday at a U.S. school reopening event that coronavirus therapy drugs were his priority and not developing a vaccine because Dr. Anthony Fauci once again warned of “false complacency” and the president continued to claim that US mortality should be offset as a victory.

John T Bennett has the whole story.

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