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Trump news live: Latest updates to the 2020 elections as the president converts Roger Stone’s verdict

Donald Trump has changed the verdict of longtime confidante and political ally Roger Stone. A White House statement said he was “a victim of the Russia prank that the left and its allies have immortalized in the media for years to undermine it.” Trump Presidency “.

The outspoken Republican adviser was due to start 40 months behind bars on Tuesday for lying, hindering and manipulating witnesses to Congress – charges related to an investigation into alleged Russian interference in the US political process.

Cases of the Covid-19 coronavirus have continued to increase in the United States Reuters In total, the number had risen by 69,000 on Friday –

; a record for the third time in a row. One of the states affected by an increase in numbers is Florida, where Walt Disney plans to reopen its flagship theme park.

And the president said his doctors were “very surprised” when he “passed” a cognitive test. “I took it up to doctors at the Walter Reed Medical Center and they were very surprised. They said: ‘This is an incredible thing. Rarely does someone do what you just did. “He said without adding any context to the statement

Federal experts “showed poor judgment” by reprimanding weather officials for contradicting Trump, says Watchdog

“Crazy in the middle of the night” texts caused federal experts to falsely warn weather officials for contradicting Donald Trump during Sharpiegate episode of hurricane Dorian, a new watchdog report said.

A statement criticizing the Alabama National Weather Service after the exchange could undermine public confidence in warnings from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the trade

The department’s inspector general, Peggy Gustafson, said in the results of the Associated Press.
“By asking the NOAA to make an undeclared statement on what was then a 5-day tweet while an active hurricane persisted off the east coast of the United States, the Ministry showed poor judgment in exercising its authority over NOAA.” the general report of the inspector said.

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Trump’s executive order over “Dreamer” will not include an amnesty – the White House

Donald Trump’s proposed immigration order will not include an amnesty for migrants who are illegally staying in the U.S. but came into the country as children, a White House spokesman said.

“This does not include an amnesty,” White House spokesman Judd Deere said in a statement after Trump said in a television interview that his proposed arrangement would include a path to citizenship for those immigrants known as “dreamers.”

In an interview with Spanish-language television station Telemundo, Trump said his executive regulation would include a delayed action for the arrival of children (DACA), the program that protects hundreds of thousands of such immigrants from deportation.

“I’m going to make a big executive order … and I’m going to make DACA part of it,” said Trump. “We will have a path to citizenship.”

The Trump New Hampshire rally has been postponed due to the weather, the White House says

Today should have been another opportunity for Trump to go on stage and gather support for his re-election campaign – this time in New Hampshire – but a tropical storm forced the White House to postpone the postponement.

White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany told reporters on Friday that the campaign’s outdoor rally on July 11 in New Hampshire will be postponed in the coming weeks as a “major storm” is forecast for the east coast.

It happens after the President’s last rally in the coronavirus-infested Tulsa became a source of embarrassment for Mr. Trump after voter turnout remained low.

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Trump says doctors were “very surprised” when he “passed” a cognitive test

Donald Trump has admitted that his doctors were “very surprised” when he “did” a cognitive test at Walter Reed Hospital to prove his intelligence.

“I actually took one recently when the radical left said, ‘Is he all there? Is he all there? “I proved that I was all there because I made it,” Trump said in a phone interview to Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Thursday. “I have passed the test.”

He added: “I took it to doctors at the Walter Reed Medical Center and they were very surprised. They said: ‘This is an incredible thing. Rarely does someone do what you just did. ‘”

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The Trump official cuts visas for 10 journalists, of whom dozens are more at risk

A total of 10 foreigners who work as journalists for the US government’s Voice of America (VOA) international broadcaster were informed this week that their visas would not be renewed.

Dozens of other journalists working for the United States’ Global Media Agency (USAGM), which oversees VOA’s work, are also at risk of their visas not being renewed, according to CBS News.

A VOA journalist told CBS that several employees are now unsafe because they are unsure whether their visas will be renewed when they go out.

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One in six Mississippi lawmakers is infected with coronavirus

The Mississippi statehouse was closed for two weeks after 26 lawmakers and 10 employees infected the coronavirus.

The recent outbreak has infected almost a sixth of the state parliament, including leaders of both chambers, after an active legislative term in the capital – including measures to remove the Confederate flag from the state flag – where many members did not wear facewear.

The rising Covid-19 cases in Mississippi are following a worrying trend in the south and in several other states, including California, as the number of newly confirmed infections in the United States increased by 1 million in the past month alone.

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Coronavirus cases increase by 69,000 in 24 hours

New cases of Covid-19 rose over 69,000 in the US on Friday Reuters set a record for the third day in a row.

A total of nine US states – Alaska, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, Ohio, Utah and Wisconsin – also hit records for one-day infections.

In Texas, another hot zone, Governor Greg Abbott warned that he may need to take new action if the state fails to use mask and social detachment to curb record-breaking case numbers and hospitalizations.

“If we don’t use this best practice, it could lead to business closure,” the republican governor told the local media, adding that it was the last thing he wanted.

Disney World is set to reopen despite the upward trend in Florida

The park, which calls itself “the most magical place in the world”, fell silent during the closure – but Disney World Florida will be reopened with new rules after almost four months, although there are more and more cases in the state.

Walt Disney Worlds Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom are reopening today, while Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios will follow four days later.

The reopening is due to the fact that numerous Floridians have tested positive for the new corona virus in the past few weeks. Many cities and counties across the state have recently reinstated the restrictions that were lifted in May when the cases appeared to be falling.

All Disney parks in Disney were closed in mid-March to stop the virus from spreading. Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando were closed at about the same time, but reopened a few weeks ago after similar rules were introduced to protect employees and customers from the virus.

The execution of the covenant was put on hold by the victim’s family to replace the fatal injection

The Department of Justice plans to appeal a judge’s decision, which would prevent the authorities from carrying out the first federal execution in two decades on Monday.

The victim’s family in the case had requested that it be canceled because their fear of the corona virus would prevent them from participating. They have long requested that he be given a life sentence instead of a lethal injection, and have asked that they be present to counter any allegation that this was done on their behalf.

Now her opposition to the pandemic could delay the execution indefinitely. 47-year-old Daniel Lee was said to die from a lethal injection on Monday after being convicted in Arkansas in 1996 of the murder of the arms dealer William Mueller, his wife Nancy, and their 8-year-old daughter Sarah Powell.

But district judge Jane Magnus-Stinson decided on Friday that the execution would be suspended because the family is concerned about the pandemic that killed more than 130,000 people and devastated the prisons nationwide.

Trump converts Roger Stone’s sentence to days before the sentence begins

The big story of the day is Donald Trump’s decision to use his presidential powers to intervene in the case of his friend Roger Stone and to save him from prison.

The longtime republican agent was convicted in November for seven reasons for lying to lawmakers for communicating with WikiLeaks, manipulating witnesses, and hindering an investigation by the House Intelligence Committee into the President’s 2016 campaign.

In a lengthy White House statement, the spokesman’s office claimed that Stone was a “victim of the Russia fraud” and evidence of an agreement was just “a fantasy of partisans who cannot accept the outcome of the 2016 election”.

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Tomorrow update: Trump commutes stone sentence, virus cases continue to rise

Donald Trump has changed the verdict of his friend and confidant Roger Stone – Days before he had to report to prison at the beginning of his 40-month sentence.

The move has alarmed the president’s political rivals. Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff called it “violation of the rule of law and the principles of justice. Chairman of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez asked, “Is there a power that Trump won’t abuse?”

meanwhile cOrona virus Cases continued to grow at a record rate in the United States. According to a Reuters balance sheet, the number in the US rose by 69,000 on Friday.

Florida was affected – where Disney World plans to open again in the coming days.

And the Department of Justice Appeal against the judge’s decision to end the first federal execution in nearly two decades. 47-year-old Daniel Lee was supposed to die from a fatal injection on Monday – but the family of victims of the murder had requested that he be stopped because their fear of the coronavirus would prevent them from participating.

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