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Trump opens Tokyo visit with a tweet that keeps the Japanese busy

TOKYO – President Trump has begun the first full day of a state visit to Japan on Sunday with the review of short-range missiles by North Korea, underlining statements by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the president's own national security adviser that the launches were against United Nations resolutions Nations are violating.

"North Korea has fired some small weapons that bothered some of my people and others, but not me," wrote Trump at his hotel on Twitter in Tokyo, before a round of golf with Mr. Abe at the nearby Chiba. "I am confident that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me."

During the ongoing denuclearization talks with North Korea, the United States focused on the North's attempt to build nuclear weapons, intercontinental ballistic missiles that could reach the mainland of the United States.

But Japanese officials are concerned about the kind of "small arms" Trump has fired – short-range missiles that could hit Japan and are often aimed in his direction.

Mr. Abe proposed such a meeting after Mr. Trump himself held two summit meetings with Mr. Kim, the second of which was divided in Vietnam in February. However, the North Korean leader has so far expressed no interest in meeting with Mr. Abe.

Mr. Trump's comments on Sunday were not the first time he had undermined Mr Bolton, who frequently briefed reporters on the government's tough stance on geopolitical powder kegs like Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, only to find that the president rejects his allegations soon thereon. The two men have also argued in recent weeks about the government's dealings with Iran and politics in the Middle East.

"I'm the one who upset him," Trump said this month, when reporters asked if he and his national security advisor were focused on international affairs. Despite the advice of some of his top adjutants, Trump has relied on the idea that his personal contact with Mr. Kim, one of the world's most brutal dictators, can bring him a nuclear disarmament agreement that has escaped the president of the past. 19659002] In his tweet on Sunday, Mr. Trump seemed to rejoice over North Korea's devastating response to a comment from Joseph R. Biden, Jr., the Democratic presidential candidate the President most worries about, which branded Mr. Kim a "Tyrant."

Mr. Trump said he had smiled when the North Koreans called "Swampman Joe Bidan a low-IQ man, and worse." Maybe that will send a signal to me? "Mr. Trump misspelled Mr. Biden's name in the tweet, though it was corrected in a later message.

Mr. Abe, in turn, has pledged to maintain a close relationship with the US president to mitigate the North Korean threat and avert a threat by the Trump administration to introduce stiff car fares.

When the president's gentle attitude towards Mr. Kim unsettled Mr. Abe, it did not become clear when the two leaders met on Sunday. Just before setting off for a round of golf at a country club in Chiba Prefecture, Abe greeted the President with a smile and a handshake before driving away with a golf cart to Mr. Trump.

A Japanese television news station has caught the air of taking pictures of Mr. Trump in a red jacket and Mr. Abe in blue jacket swinging their golf clubs and putting, surrounded by aides and security officials interested in a trophy that Mr. Trump received on Sunday night wanted to present a sumo tournament.

The four-foot, 60-pound object is referred to as President's Cup. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House spokesman, said the trophy will be on public display before the sumo event at the Tokyo President's Hotel.

During the trip, at least part of Mr. Abe's charm offensive seemed to pay off. In a telephone interview with Fox News White House correspondent John Roberts, Trump said he would wait until after the elections in the House of Lords of the Japanese Parliament before embarking on a bilateral trade deal with Japan.

"I would say that Japan has had a considerable head start for many, many years, but that's fine," Trump said at a Tokyo reception with Japanese business leaders on Saturday night. "Maybe that's why you like me so much."

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