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Trump partner Felix Sater filed a lawsuit in New York for alleged money laundering

A Trump employee is in hot water. This time he was involved in a lawsuit allegedly using his real estate projects in Russia to wash millions of dollars.

Russian citizen Felix Sater, 53, one of Trump's contacts in Moscow and allegedly working to help the Trump organization secure a project in the Russian capital, is now faced with a lawsuit in the US filed by a Kazakh bank called BTA Bank.

The lawsuit filed in the southern district of New York accuses Sater of washing the millions of dollars stolen by BTA Bank. The lawsuit alleges that part of this money could have ties to the Trump organization and project in Moscow.

"Sater helped Ablyazov, Khrapunov and others wash dozens of millions of dollars with these stolen funds to the United States," the lawsuit filed Monday said. "Sater also tried to put some of the stolen money overseas, including real estate in Moscow."

The former Trump employee is scheduled to testify in a closed session in front of the House of Israel Justice Committee next month. Sater was said to have testified before the House Intelligence Committee this week, but the hearing was postponed after Monday's submission.

Sater's team issued a statement after filing and fully denied the bank's allegations. He called the submission a series of "groundless allegations." Sater says it's the bank that still owes large sums to one of its many companies that BTA used to cover setup costs.

According to Sater, the lawsuit is "A sloppy attempt to avoid contractually owed millions of dollars being owed to my asset recovery company," adding that his company's agreement with BTA exempted him from liability "for exactly what they falsely claim in this lawsuit."

Allegedly the money The people stolen by the Kazakh bank were subjected to close scrutiny by prosecutors and individuals involved in questioning Trump's top employees. The bank was released to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in a former Trump adviser and private attorney Michael Cohen's lawyer.

"Michael Cohen was recommended to BTA Bank in 201

7 as having access to the best legal resources and was commissioned by BTA to create a winning team," said Matthew Schwartz. Boa Schiller Flexner LLP represented BTA Bank Newsweek.

"Instead, Michael Cohen has done absolutely nothing worthwhile, and BTA has quickly torn his agreement with him, and since then BTA has fully cooperated with all preliminary investigations into Michael Cohen," added Schwartz.

Cohen was sentenced to prison for lying to US officials and committing financial crimes for his work for Trump in the private sector.

Sater is no stranger in the courtroom. The Russian citizen was arrested in the 1920s after being stabbed to death by a man in a bar with a broken margarita glass. Recently, US singer Mariah Carey, her former agent, Sater sued for illegally downloading data from her personal devices while staying at home in her home.

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