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Trump: Pelosi is "very bad for our country"

President Trump Donald John TrumpChristie: Trump apologized for knowing lies during the White House campaign that abruptly canceled meeting with Intel bosses after Trump had objected: Report: Trump denies involvement in Kushner Security clearance Nancy Pelosi Nancy Patricia D & # 39; s Alesandro Pelosi Overnight Defense – Presented by Raytheon – Senate Admonishes Trump Over Syria | Trump says "time will suit him" in front of Intel chiefs Dems demanding transparency for border guards Sexual assault, harassment at military academies Over night in health care – presented by Kidney Care Partners – Trump representatives take new steps to cut drug prices | Romney warns drug executive | "Medicare for all" opens to divide On The Money: Trump digging up money for wall Pelosi is open to new border infrastructure, but no wall GOP urges Trump not to hold negotiations Trump optimistic about China trade agreement MORE (D -Calif.) In an interview aired this weekend, saying she is "very bad for our country".

Pelosi has been Trump's top foil since Hammer's removal This year, the pair had been in a stalemate for weeks over Trump's request for frontier financing in the midst of the 35-day government shutdown.

"I think she was very rigid – which I would expect – but I think she is very bad for our country," Trump told CBS News in an interview excerpt published Friday. Full remarks by Trump will air on Sunday morning before the Super Bowl.

The longtime leader of the Democrats refused to give in to Trump's demand for more than $ 5 billion to fund a wall on the US-Mexico border, the main tie-break, during the five-week government deadlock that ended last Friday.

"She knows you need a barrier," Trump told CBS, referring to the southern border. "She knows we need border security She wanted one I think it's a very bad policy because she basically wants open borders She does not do anything to trafficking or she does not."

Pelosi and Trump also had horns of the Union's address last month because of the planned state of Trump. The spokesman told Trump to give up the address after the reopening of the government, and Trump suspended the congressional delegations overseas.

After Trump had agreed to fully reopen the federal government for three weeks, Pelosi again called on the president to give the address takes place on Tuesday.

A bipartisan Senate and Senate delegation is currently negotiating under a border security financing agreement to avert a further partial government closure on 15 February.

Trump said this week he does not believe that the legislature will be able to reach an agreement, but points out that he can declare a national emergency in order to get money for a border wall "Our country is bad."

Drew Hammill, Pelosi's deputy chief of staff, told CBS News: "The president knows that the Democrats are working to secure our borders while upholding our values ​​as a nation." The president should stop the efforts of the two Undermining parties to do just that. "

Pelosi's office did not immediately respond to a request from The Hill.

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