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President Donald Trump (second from left) is assisted by Governor Scott Walker (left), Foxconn Chairman Tery Gou and House Speaker Paul Ryan (right) on June 28, 2018 during the solemn laying of the foundation for Foxconn Factory in Mount Pleasant. [Photo: Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel]

ASHWAUBENON – President Donald Trump wants Governor Tony Evers to be "more optimistic and hopeful" that Foxconn will bring Wisconsin 13,000 jobs, his election secretary said on Saturday's rally in the Fox Valley.

Evers and Foxconn are in talks to make changes to a deal between the company and the Wisconsin taxpayers, which will pay Foxconn $ 3 billion in public subsidies in exchange for a $ 10 billion production facility in southeast Wisconsin and creating up to 13,000 jobs. 19659006] But Evers has said in recent weeks, he does not believe that Foxconn will achieve this recruitment goal, and the company has asked to rewrite the contract it has with the state. The governor also suggested that job creation benchmarks might be too high.

"I do not know why he is not optimistic and hopes that 13,000 jobs will come to Wisconsin State," said Kayleigh McEnany Press Secretary for the Trump 2020 campaign, said Saturday in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "We encourage the Democratic Governor to work with the Republicans, to work with the President, to work with Foxconn to ensure that these jobs come here because this is an agreement drafted by President Trump, and we hope that the Democratic Governor in this is board to get this through. "

Even as the campaign spurred Trump's involvement in the Foxconn deal in Wisconsin, Trump mentioned the project in a speech that lasted more than an hour and touched on that Topic manufacturing jobs. [19659006] The rally came the same week, wondering how likely Foxconn was to hire 13,000 Wisconsin workers as part of its plans to build the company's first Racine County US facility.

Evers published a letter Tuesday He wrote to a high-ranking official of the Taiwanese tech giants and said Foxconn had initiated the state's contract amendment with the company rather than Evers, as the Republican legislature had suggested to Evers he wanted the agreement to reformulate.

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In a statement received on Evers' letter, representatives of Foxconn said the company has " Never failed from our commitment to our contract with the state of Wisconsin and the creation of 13,000 jobs as part of our broader effort to make the Badger State a global technology center. "

The company said officials have engaged. "Both the routine commitments and the good-faith discussions with the Evers administration on the flexibility areas within the existing agreement to ensure that the company and our employees are focused on success in the long run."

Foxconn's leaders, however, beat before that they did not want changes in the expectations of the contract in terms of attitudes and investment.

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Evers wants the Foxconn project to be so successful that taxpayers will be protected as well. He has not yet said what changes he wants to make to the contract.

The potential changes arise after Foxconn's plans for the Wisconsin facility have shifted from building a Generation 10.5 facility to a Generation 6 facility that will produce a smaller facility LCD panels.

Foxconn's Influence on Trump

The uncertainty about the Foxconn project could affect Trump in Wisconsin.

The president has been at the heart of the Foxconn project since the deal between the former Gov. Scott Walker and Foxconn Chairman and CEO Terry Gou.

Announced at a White House press conference in 2017, Trump helped lay the groundwork for Mount Pleasant in 2018.

There, the president predicted that the campus would be the "eighth wonder of the world" and would be a symbol of a revival of Midwestern production under his presidency.

And in February, Trump discussed with Trump that Foxconn's employees would benefit from their decision to move to a production campus, as the company reportedly rethought its plans or shut down its business.

"Foxconn was designed by this president," McEnany said. "He was very important, even if it was so far."

McEnany said the project is "extremely important" for Trump and he "remains" committed to ensuring that they are here, and I think Foxconn is also doing this by vowing to bring the 13,000 jobs.

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