President Donald Trump softened his threat rhetoric against Iran on Tuesday, two days after he sent out a warning of a future conflict. (24th July)

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump described European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday as a "smart man", but stuck to the US tariffs on European goods

Juncker is the last European official, who is traveling to Washington this year to reduce the transatlantic tensions and to wage a trade war with the United States. The meeting was followed by months of broadsides from the White House on European trade barriers, including an interview in which Trump called Europe "an enemy."

Some of this tension was evident in the Oval Office, where Trump praised Juncker and said he hoped that "something very positive" would take place.

"Over the years, the United States has lost hundreds of billions of dollars and we just want it to be a level playing field," Trump said. "I think we are making tremendous progress."

The meeting comes at a difficult time for relations between the US and Europe following Trump's appearance at a NATO summit this month, where he beats up the leaders of Germany and the United Kingdom.

But the main difficulty that underlies the meeting on Wednesday will be the trade, and specifically the US tariffs that were introduced in May become European steel and aluminum. Trump has also threatened to impose tariffs on European cars imported into the United States.

Juncker emphasized that "we are partners, allies – no enemies" and we said it was important for the leaders to talk to each other and not to each other. "

Trump has once again launched the idea of ​​a fully open trade between the US and Europe, an idea that would force European nations to lower their own barriers to American-made goods.

In In a series of tweets Wednesday morning, Trump said it would take longer in the US to enter into trade agreements, "when people are getting on the heels of a negotiation."

"Be cool," Trump wrote, "The bottom line will be worth it! "

Talking to a veteran of the Foreign Wars convention in Kansas City, Missouri, Trump proposed on Tuesday The White House meeting was triggered by its threat of increased tariffs.

"What the European Union is doing to us is incredible, how bad," said Trump.

"I said," You have to change. "They did not want to change, I said," Okay, good. We're going to bargain for your cars, "Trump said.

" They said, 'When can we show up, when can we be there, tomorrow would be alright?' "

A spokesperson for the European Commission said this week Juncker would Instead of making a concrete offer of trade to the White House, it is interested in dialogue.

"I do not want to enter into a discussion on mandates, offers, because there are no offers," Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas told reporters It's a discussion, it's a dialogue and it's a chance to talk and stay in dialogue. "

Trump is not negotiating an unassailable position – concerns about the GOP's trade policy rekindled on Tuesday when his plan to protect US farmers from retaliatory tariffs in China with $ 12 billion

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Rep. Mark Meado ws, RN.C., was generally willing to trump to take advantage of the tariff doubts as long as they do not take too long, but the announcement by the Trump administration on Tuesday prompted Meadows to part with the president.

"I'm not saying we need $ 12 billion for a fair trade deal," Meadows said. It's not something I support. "

Rep. Mark Walker, RN.C, chairman of the Conservative Republican Study Committee, told TODAY that the government's customs policy is" very risky " A big bailout to keep farmers afloat "worried" him. Walker said he would like to enlighten Trump's trade advisor Peter Navarro on their long-term plan.

"I think there will be some setbacks from us wanting to know, hey, play that out for us," Walker said.

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