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Trump rallies in Michigan to promote business and diplomacy and blasting

President Trump bragged about his economic and diplomatic achievements and ravaged the media during a harsh rally Saturday in front of thousands of supporters in a state that is critical of his re-election hopes.

The Total Sports Park election-style event was a counterpart to the White House correspondent's annual dinner in the country's capital, which the president suspended for the second year in a row.

"You may have heard I was invited to another event this evening," said the crowd president, who kicked off in front of the planned 7 pm on a cloudy day. "I'd much rather be in Washington, Michigan than in Washington, DC"

The President treated the crowd, littered with the well-known "Make America Great Again" hats, with his usual litany of immigration complaints, allegations of prominence Ask Democrats including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and boast of purchases of "brand new" military equipment.

The President also complained that the media had not given him enough credit to facilitate the meeting between leaders of the two Koreas on Friday he had "everything" to do with it. He also predicted that he would achieve the "all-time record" for the appointment of conservative judges and boasted of his fiscal and economic policies.

President Trump speaks during a rally at Total Sports Park in Washington, Michigan on April 28th. (19659008) "Let me tell you: our country is doing well," he said.

Trump acknowledged that the stock market, which peaked in January and has been trending sideways since then, was hurt by its tough "America-first" trade policy. But he said it was necessary to push China for concessions.

"I can not allow other countries to take advantage of us," he said in jubilation.

Less than 20 minutes into the speech, as Trump's attack, former FBI director James B. Comey jumped in the European Union in a speech that for the most part did not appear described, some in the predominantly white and older crowd went to the outputs.

The rally, about 40 miles north of Detroit, closed another turbulent week for Trump, including visits by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as well as a controversy with several members of his cabinet.

During Saturday's rally, Trump reiterated well-known discussion points from his election campaign, boasting of cutting taxes to create jobs and protecting American workers from unfair US trade partners.

Since Trump's inauguration, the US economy has created 2.7 million new jobs – an average of 181,000 per month – while growth was rapid in districts that gave Trump the most votes, according to a Washington Post analysis of data from the US US Department of labor.

On Saturday morning, the president envisioned his appearance here by celebrating Michigan's latest performance.

"Home business expansion and jobs are flowing into your state." Car companies are expanding at a record pace, "he wrote on Twitter.

After all, Michigan's total employment has grown a little less than the national average over the last year, and factories have only created jobs at one-fourth of the national employment statistics

Trump's visit reflected the role of the state at its unlikely Triumph in 2016 and his chances of re-election. Washington Township is in Macomb County, the traditional home of the "Reagan Democrats," who helped Trump win a Michigan victory with fewer than 11,000 votes.

The community is 93 percent white and significantly wealthier than the county as a whole, according to

As the crowd waited for the president, Michelle Kalil, 52, a physical therapist, praised Trump for reviving the economy.

"I have more money in my paycheck," she said. "I think he's doing a great job and I'm glad he's holding on to his guns."

Trump's approval rating this month was 40 percent in a Washington Post-ABC News poll, compared to 36 percent in January. More than half of respondents, 56 percent, said they disapprove of the president.

The President was also greeted by a small group of protesters. Ryan Drutchas, 33, a high school science teacher, described Trump's rhetoric as "vile."

Former Republican voter and first protester Drutchas said the rally was born out of the "narcissism of the former reality television". , , , It makes my skin crawl. "

Trump's campaign said in a statement that the rally took place in a" very different Washington "than in the country's capital where" the fake news media will be celebrating with the residents of the Washington society swamp. "

Trump also skipped the annual dinner last year and quoted his hostility to the media, but this year he encouraged members of his government to attend, and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders plans to represent" the administration "at the head table said WHCA President Margaret Talev.

Trump is the first president to miss dinner since then Ronald Reagan, who missed him in 1981, recovering from his wounds following an assassination attempt.

During the rally, Trump called out Presidential Doctor Ronny L. Jackson, "A Highly Qualified Individual" and "A Great American," Retired His On Thursday, he wanted to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs, claiming he was "drinking at work, administering medication, and creating a" toxic "work environment.

The White House said Friday that a thorough review found no evidence Jackson had behaved On Saturday, Trump accused Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.), a leading Jackson critic, of a smear campaign and asked him to step down.

"I know things about testing" I can say that too, "Trump said at the rally," and if I said it, he would never be elected again. "

He used to tweet:" The Secret Service I've just been told that Senator Jon Tester's statements to Admiral Jackson are not true. There were no such results. The president's claim went beyond a Secret Service statement, the agency said only that a review of the records provided no evidence for an allegation reported by CNN – that on an overseas trip in 2015, Jackson was arrested on an overseas trip Hotel room door knocked, should prevent from bothering then President Barack Obama. [19659033] Trump also said that on Saturday morning he had a "long and very good talk" with South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who on Friday with the North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un met.

"Things are going very well, time and place of meeting with North Korea is being discontinued," Trump tweeted Saturday. "I also spoke with Prime Minister Abe of Japan to brief him on the ongoing negotiations.

Rachel Chason and Trevor Bach reported from Washington Township, Michigan, and David J. Lynch reported from Washington, DC

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