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Trump Rally Fact Check: Economy, Wall, Taxes, Abortion

President Donald Trump bragged when he launched his re-election campaign for 2020, surpassing the expectations of his critics and promising progress on his border wall and health care, which were unlikely at best, like any other president's.

Here's a look at his rhetoric from Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday night:


TRUMP: "Nearly 160 million people work. That's more than ever.

THE FACTS: Yes, but this is not a feather in a president's cap.More people work mainly because there are more people.Population growth is driving this phenomenon forward.

Unlike in recessions Employment growth has been on an upward trajectory since 1

939, when the labor ministry started counting.

Annual employment growth is 1.6% by May, which is around the same magnitude since around 2011.

Another measure is the proportion of Americans with jobs that are still below record levels.

According to the Labor Department, 60.6 percent of people in the US live 16 years and older worked in May, which is less than the all-time high of 64.7 Percent in April 2000 during the tenure of Bill Clinton, though higher than the 59.9 percent when Trump was inaugurated in January 2017.

TRUMP: "Women's unemployment is now the lowest it has been in 74 years.

THE FACTS: The unemployment rate for women was 3.1% in April, the lowest level in 66 years – not Trump's 74 years. It rose to 3.2% in May.


TRUMP: "It reaches incredible new heights. Perhaps the largest economy we have had in the history of our country.

THE FACTS: The economy is not one of the best in the history of the country.

The economy expanded at an annual rate of 3.2 percent in the first quarter of this year. This growth was the highest in just four years for the first quarter.

In the late 1990s, growth was four percent for four consecutive years, a level that Trump had never achieved on an annualized basis. Growth reached as much as 7.2 percent in 1984.

While the economy has shown strength, it grew 2.9% in 2018, the same pace as in 2015 under President Barack Obama, and has simply failed to reach historically high growth rates. Trump has a legitimate claim to a good economy, but he is not a record breaker and comes from an expansion that began in mid-2009.


TRUMP: "We'll have over 400 miles of wall built by the end of next year. It moves very fast.

THE FACTS: This is highly unlikely, and even if so, most of the wall he is talking about would be a replacement barrier, not new miles of construction, despite his outstanding election promises For 2016, to complete a wall, Trump has remarkably extended the barriers along the Mexican border.

Even if he wanted to reach 400 miles or 640 kilometers, he had to prevail in legal challenges to his declaration of a national emergency or Congress needs to find more money to be close by.

So far, the administration has awarded contracts for the construction of walls 395 km in length, but this initiative has been restricted by ongoing court proceedings.

Up In any case, all orders placed up to 27 km from him would replace existing obstacles.


TRUMP: "We ha ben done so much … with the biggest tax cut in history.

THE FACTS: His tax cuts are not nearly the largest in US history.

It's a tax relief of $ 1.5 trillion over 10 years. According to the Committee on a Responsible Federal Budget, a tax reduction of this size ranks twelfth as a share of the overall economy. The cutback of President Ronald Reagan in 1981 is the largest, followed by the tax relief in 1945, which financed World War II.

Reagan's tax cuts are also historically important: President George W. Bush's cutbacks in the early 2000s and President Barack Obama's renewal a decade later.


TRUMP: "Our air and water are by far the cleanest they've ever been."

THE FACTS: No This applies to air quality, which did not improve under the Trump government.

US drinking water is among the best with a leading measure.

After decades of improvements, air quality stagnated. In the last two years, there have been more days of air pollution in the US than just a few years ago.

In America last year and the year before, there were 15% more days with unhealthy air than on average from 2013 to 2016, the four years America has had the lowest number of days since at least 1980.

In fact, the Obama administration set records for air pollution in 2016 for the fewest days.

On the Water, Yale According to the University's Global Environmental Performance Index, 10 countries are responsible for the cleanest drinking water, including the US. In terms of overall environmental quality, the US ranked 27th behind several European countries, Canada, Japan, Australia and other countries. Switzerland was the number one.


TRUMP on the appointment of federal judges: "President Obama was very nice to us. He did not occupy the positions.

THE FACTS: Apart from Trump's sarcasm, he has a better pass rate than Obama in filling judicial posts.The Republican-controlled Senate in the last two years of Obama has avoided it against many of his peers Republicans are still controlling the Senate and, despite their narrow majority, have been able to confirm many of Trump's decisions.

Out of the 71 people Obama nominated to the district and appeals courts in 2015 and 2016, only 20 were elected and confirms, said Russell Wheeler, an expert on judicial candidates at the Brookings Institution, Trump took office in January 2017 with more than 100 vacancies at the Bundesbank, which is about double the number of Obama's in 2009. This is in the Compared to 86 for Obama and 132 for George W. Bush at the same time in their presidencies.

The Republicans are limited This is the time for candidates to debate this year so they can now go through court confirmations faster than before.

Such maneuvers have nothing to do with Obama being "very nice".


TRUMPF on his duties: "We are taking billions and billions of dollars into our treasury. … We had never taken 10 cents from China.

THE FACTS: Toll money flowing into the treasury comes mainly from US companies and consumers, not from China. Customs duties are primarily, if not exclusively, taxes payable domestically.

A study by economists at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Columbia University, and Princeton University, before Trump raised tariffs further, revealed that the public sector and US companies did so. The trade dispute with China increased a $ 3 billion monthly tax hike, a $ 1.4 billion monthly loss of efficiency, and a full offsetting impact.

It is also wrong that the US has never raised a penny in tariffs before acting. Tariffs on goods from China are not remotely new. In some cases, they are simply higher than before.


TRUMP: "We will always protect patients with pre-existing medical conditions. Always. "

THE FACTS: It does not currently protect the legal guarantees for patients with pre-existing conditions that are part of" Obamacare ".

His administration, on the other hand, is fully pushing for a lawsuit to overturn Obama's Health Act, including other popular provisions such as covering their parents' insurance for young adults, extending Medicaid, providing health insurance subsidies, and providing care at no additional cost to the patient.

Trump and other Republicans say they will have a plan to uphold the protection of people with pre-existing conditions, but the White House has not given details.

Obama's law requires insurers to include all applicants regardless of their medical history, and patients with health problems pay the same standard premiums as healthy ones. The legislative proposals to repeal the law, supported in 2017 by Trump and the congressional republicans, would have undermined this protection by increasing the costs for people with pre-existing conditions.


TRUMP: "Leading Democrats have even spoken out against action to prevent the execution of children after birth.

THE FACTS: The execution of children is already a crime.

Trump offers here a slightly weakened version of a distorted story that he has been telling for months falsely suggests that Democrats agree with murder.

His report comes from extremely rare cases in which babies are born alive as a result of an abortion attempt. In these cases, the execution is out of the question.

If a baby is born with abnormalities that are so serious that it would die shortly after birth, a family may opt for a so-called palliative or comfort treatment. This may mean that the baby can naturally die without medical intervention. Comfort without life-prolonging treatment is not limited to newborns. It can happen in terminally ill patients of all ages.


TRUMP: "We passed VA Choice. … They have been trying to achieve this for about 44 years.

THE FACTS: No, the Congress endorsed the Private Sector's Veterans Choice Health Program in 2014 and Obama has included it in the law. Trump has signed an extension of it.

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