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Trump Rally Green Bay, Livestream: Trump Holds MAGA Rally in Wisconsin – Live Updates from Wisconsin

President Trump is holding a campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on Saturday night at the same time as the annual White House Correspondents 'Correspondents' Dinner.

Presidents have traditionally attended and spoken at dinner in Washington, DC Mr. Trump has chosen to attend the event each year since taking office each year. This time around, the president will attempt to launch his base in one of the battlefield states he reversed in 201

6, and he distanced himself from Parliament's in-depth investigation of the US Congress.

Although the elections were a year and a half away in 2020, Mr Trump was seriously campaigning. He criticized several of the 21 candidates who had applied for the Democratic nomination and expressed confidence that he could defeat former Vice President Joe Biden, who had been speculating on Thursday after months of speculation.

President Donald Trump, left, arrives at a rally at the Resch Center Complex in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Saturday, April 27, 2019.

Andrew Harnik / AP

Here are some of the most notable moments of the rally:

Trump launches supporters for 2020: "They have recaptured your country" in 2016

The president urged his followers to help in large numbers He secured himself re-election next year and repeated his controversial victory in 2016, which announced a fundamental turnaround for the country.

"You have recaptured your country," Trump exclaimed and demanded many more songs for years! "

" You have always been faithful to your nation. Now you finally have a president who is faithful to you, "he added.

President praises the plan to send migrants to" sanctuary cities. "

Following on from his signature campaign theme – immigration – the president boasted By being the one to introduce the controversial proposal of sending migrants trapped along the US-Mexico border into so-called "sanctuary cities" across the country, they limit their coopera with federal immigration authorities

. "That was actually my sick one Idea, "he told his enthusiastic supporters.

Mr. Trump condemned the immigration policies of the" wealthy liberals "whom he accused of advocating open borders but living behind walls and gates.

Trump defends climate protection:" How Is it Paris? "

Mr. Trump defended his decision to leave the US in the summer of 2017 from the groundbreaking Paris Climate Agreement He asked the Wisconsin people: "How is Paris?"

To claim that he made the right choice, the President repeatedly called on the French capital. Although it is unclear what specific problems he was referring to, Trump mentioned the movement of the yellow West, which has prompted mass protests to announce austerity measures and tax increases that President Emmanuel Macron has carried out since last year.

At a National Rifle Association event On Friday, the president seemed to re-enact the 2015 Paris terrorist attacks to denounce the city's stringent gun laws and argue that armed civilians could have prevented the massacre, which killed 130 people.

Jussie Smollett's case is "a shame on our nation" Trump says

The President again criticized the way prosecutors in Chicago handled the case of Empire star Jussie Smollet, claiming a "third prize" called.

"This case is a shame for our nation," he said in a loud applause.

At the end of February, Smollett was charged with 16 crimes after authorities said he had filed a fake police report and paid two men for hate crimes against him. Smollett has denied the allegations, and last month prosecutors dropped all charges after making a deal with the actor's lawyers. The case caught national attention, and Chicago prosecutors were sharply reprimanded by the city's mayor and police chief.

Trump at the synagogue shootout: "Our entire country mourns the loss of life"

On a Saturday night that was not in Green Bay – he called it the heart of America – the president squeezed the His condolences to victims of a synagogue shot dead earlier in the day in Southern California.

"Our whole nation mourns the loss of life," he told the crowd, stressing that anti-Semitism must be "defeated."

Local authorities in Califrnia said an armed man had invaded San Diego's San Diego suburb on Saturday and killed one fire person and injured three others.


  • What: President Trump's Great America Again Collection
  • Where: Resch Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin
  • When: April 27, 8:00 pm EDT
  • How to watch: On CBSN, in the live player above

Trump Golf with Japanese leader before the rally

Mr. Trump visited the Trump National Golf Club in Sterling, Virginia, to play golf with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before traveling to Wisconsin. The President and Abe met in the White House on Friday evening as part of a series of talks to negotiate a trade agreement.

Abe is in Washington for two days discussing a series of security and economic issues. Mr Trump wants Japan to move towards a bilateral free trade agreement, but Japan is reluctant to favor an agreement that spans several countries instead. Together, the economies of the US and Japan account for nearly one-third of global gross domestic product (GDP).

On Friday, Mr. Trump told reporters he and Abe were talking about "rockets and missiles and everything else" as they work toward them, a deal he believes can happen "fairly quickly".

Abe has been to the White House before, and this year Mr. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will visit him in Japan from May 25 to 28. Mr. Trump They said they could participate in a sumo wrestler match during the visit.

– Kathryn Watson

Dinner of the White House Correspondent & # 39; Association without Trump

Mr. Trump announced earlier this month that he would skip the annual White House Correspondents Association (WHCA) dinner and hold an election campaign instead. This will be his third year in a row, skipping the annual gathering of journalists, celebrities and big names in politics.

Speaking to reporters in early April, Mr. Trump said the dinner was "so boring" and "too negative". Last year's WHCA dinner talk with comedian Michelle Wolf was criticized by the Trump administration and the press after they ridiculed spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

The WHCA will take a different approach this year by tapping biographer Ron Chernow of American presidents and statesmen acting as spokesman for the annual dinner.

Last night, Mr. Trump held a rally in Michigan on the night of dinner. The year before, he spoke with supporters in Pennsylvania. At both events, he suggested media representatives and the annual gathering and told the attendees that he was spending time with "much better people" than the DC Press Corps.

– Emily Tillett

Trump says he is a "young, lively man" compared to Biden

Since Biden launched his campaign on Thursday, Trump has repeatedly stated that he may be the former vice president defeat in the 2020 elections.

Video about violence and racism in Charlottesville, alluding to Mr. Trump's reaction. Given the opportunity to clarify these comments on Friday, Mr. Trump told reporters, "I answered that question and I talked about people who left because they were very concerned about the statue of Robert E Have felt Lee. "

"Whether you like it or not, he was one of the great generals," added Trump.

The President also personally approached Biden's entry into the race on the first Friday. Mr. Trump described himself as a "young" and "lively" man, but said he was not sure that the same would apply to Biden, whom he calls "Sleepy Joe."

"I think we beat him easily," Mr. Trump said of Biden.

In an interview with "The View" on Friday, Biden said it was the first time anyone had called him "sleepy." It's usually "hyper Joe," he countered.

"If he looks young and lively compared to me, I should probably go home," Biden joked about Mr. Trump. "It's best to judge me by watching – if I have the energy and the capacity."

– Grace Segers

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