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Trump releases North Korean tests for "some small arms"

  US President Donald Trump meets Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

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Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe played a round of golf with US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has rejected concerns over the recent North Korean missile tests, which seem to contradict his own national security adviser.

In a tweet released shortly after his arrival in Japan on Sunday, Mr. Trump called the missiles "small arms."

US National Security Advisor John Bolton said on Saturday that the tests against UN

President Trump began a state visit to Japan on Sunday by taking down a round of golf with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The two Heads of State and Government had breakfast together on Sunday before moving to Chiba, outside the Capital of Tokyo, played 1

6 holes of golf.

Trump said he wanted to make a deal with Japan to meet his demands a trade imbalance between the two countries.

Mr. Trump wrote: "North Korea fired some small weapons that some of my people and others, but not me, bothered. "He added," I am confident that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me. "

Not for the first time, his tweet seemed to bring him into conflict with both Mr. Bolton and his host nation. Mr. Abe called the North Korean tests "extremely regrettable" last week.

Mr Bolton and Mr Abe accused North Korea of ​​violating United Nations resolutions, including addressing the crisis in Venezuela and US relations with Iran.

What weapons has North Korea tested recently?

A rapprochement between North Korea and the US seemed to be in sight for Trump and Trump last year. Mr. Kim met in Singapore.

But relations have worsened in recent months after a second Summit of Heads of State and Government in Vietnam ended without consent.

Amid mounting tensions, North Korea has conducted several weapons tests.

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The second summit between President Trump and Mr Kim ended in disarray

Earlier this month, the regime tested several short-range missiles and launched them from the Hodo Peninsula in the east of the country . The North Korean state media reported that Mr. Kim was personally overseeing a "hammer drill" that tested various pieces of rocket.

This test took place after Pyongyang tested what it called the new "tactical guided weapon" in April. [19659007] Also, not violating North Korea's promise not to test long-range or nuclear missiles. However, they are likely to cause trouble in Japan.

Speaking in Tokyo last week, Abe reflected Bolton's comments, describing the recent launch of a rocket in North Korea as "a violation of UN Security Council Resolutions and extremely unfortunate."

While we work closely with the US and other related countries, we plan to combat this adequately by strengthening the enforcement of related UN Security Council resolutions, "he said.

North Korea fired a series of missiles in 2017 Japan and led Trump to tell Abe that his country could "intercept" missiles if necessary.



Kim Jong-un held talks with the US president in February

Why is Trump in Japan?

The US President is there to discuss trade and security issues. North Korea's missile tests and nuclear program are expected to be high on the agenda.

Japan is considered one of Americas most important ally for safety and economic reasons, and Trump has attempted to consolidate relations with regular diplomatic trips to meet Mr. Abe.

Their shared love of golf is one way they have connected. They started on Sunday for a round on the Mobara Square in Chiba.

In addition to golf, Mr. Trump will participate in the final day of the sumo basho or tournament and meet Japan's new Emperor Naruhito.

He Will Do It Be the first foreign leader to meet the new emperor who has climbed the chrysanthemum throne earlier this month.

In the meantime, trade talks are taking place between Trump's most important sales representative Robert Lighthizer and his Japanese counterpart, Minister of Economy Toshimitsu Motegi

They are seeking progress in negotiating a trade agreement between the two countries.

Mr. Trump believes that their trading relationship is unfair. He said to CEOs in Tokyo on Saturday that "Japan has had a significant head start for many, many years".

The trading situation is going to be "a bit fairer," Trump said, without going into detail.

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