During a Cabinet meeting at the White House, President Donald Trump raised potential tariffs for imported vehicles when he discussed trade negotiations with the European Union in Washington next week. (18th of July)

WASHINGTON – Some of the country's best-known companies will attend a White House meeting Thursday, despite a deep-seated dispute with President Donald Trump over his trade policy and continued fear his Twitter

FexEx, General Motors, Walmart, and nearly two dozen other companies and trade groups will pledge to set up an apprenticeship as part of a White House to combat a "crisis" in preparing workers for high (19659008) But the government's approach to the US economy comes from the fact that many of the same companies have vilified Trump for a trade war with China and the threat of high tariffs for Canada, the European Union, and others

Fred Smith, the FedEx CEO described Trump's trade movements as "unhappy" and "counterproductive to economic growth." Walmart was among two dozen retailers that signed a letter this year under charges of "punishing American working-class families" with higher prices.

General Motors recently told the Commerce Department that tariffs could "lead to a smaller GM" and jeopardize the company's ability to compete with foreign automakers.

Nearly a year after a low point in the relationship between the administration and the private sector, companies are engaging with the White House after the President failed to criticize neo-Nazis who participated in fatal violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Prior to this controversy, Trump often maintained ties to high-level executives Nation, many of whom sat on white house economics councils. Fearing the controversy surrounding Charlottesville, many of these business leaders were brought to their knees and the White House had to disband the panels.

Chris Allieri, founder and director of public relations consultancy Mulberry & Astor, said companies are taking part in White House initiatives. even the undisputed – take a risk.

"The consequences of these first two councils are very indicative of the pulse of American companies," Allieri said.

"There may not be any immediate impact on their stock price, but Voters – their clients – are watching and paying more attention."

Companies participating in Thursday, including Microsoft, IBM, Lockheed Martin, and others, make a promise signing, apprenticeships, work-based learning programs, and White House officials (19659008) said they had pledges for more than 500,000 such occasions.

Trump is expected to also sign an executive order to create a council that will examine the issues of the workforce.

But Trump continues to use Twitter to punish and praise private companies that are in line with or against his agenda and create a level of unpredictability that companies often avoid.

"Pfizer and others should be ashamed that they have raised prices for drugs for no reason," the president wrote last week on Twitter, a response to the plan of the pharmaceutical company, prices by almost 10 percent increase

A day later, the New York company agreed to freeze prices, and Trump cheered.

"Pfizer rolls back the price hikes," he wrote. "We welcome Pfizer for this decision."

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