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Trump reveals the plan to "transform" the American immigration system and focus on highly skilled labor

President Trump unveiled on Thursday a long-awaited review of immigration policies that would dramatically change people's acceptance in the US and improve the system's status of admissions over merit rather than family ties.

Our plan will turn the American immigration system into the pride of our nation and the envy of the modern world, "said Trump from the Rose Garden. Set up immigrants with a point-based system that favors highly skilled workers – taking into account age, English proficiency, the Training and the question of whether the candidate has a well – paid job offer.

At present, only about 1

2 percent of immigrants are admitted. Emagazine.credit-suisse.com/app/art…1007 & lang = DE Trump Plan Approved Based on Family Relations within the US Government.

"Currently, 66 percent of legal immigrants come here at random. They are only licensed because they have a relative in the United States, and it does not matter who that relative is, "said Trump.

He said the plan would help recruit" top talent. "

"We discriminate against geniuses," Trump said of the current policy. "We discriminate against the brilliance. We will not be any more if we have passed them. "

The average annual salary of legal immigrants is approximately $ 43,000, with government officials announcing Wednesday that immigrants approved for their education and skills have an average income of 126,000 USD would expect an increase in the average annual salary of all immigrants to about US $ 96,000 "chain migration" as part of its broader ambition to reform US immigration laws and who is allowed to enter the country.

He also has frequent visa cancellations Lottery program called for something its immigration plan seeks to do, and would be replaced by a new Build America Visa program that recognizes "exceptional talent," and "people with professional and specialized careers," including exceptional students.

The plan does not deal with those those who are already illegal in the country. including those who came in as children and were under the protection of an Obama-era executive order. However, Trump said it closed loopholes so gang members and criminals were inadmissible and would seek frivolous asylum applications.

"For criminals who are already here, we will ensure their speedy deportation," he said.


Trump said the proposal would also require immigrants to be financially independent, learn English and take a civic exam exist before they are admitted.

"will create an immigration system that strengthens our traditions, our culture and our values," he said.

Some conservatives may object to the plan because it does not lower the overall immigration rate. Mark Krikorian of the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates lower immigration rates, described this as a "positive effort," but pointed out that the legal immigration rate could not be lowered.

important provisions such as limiting chain migration, closing the gaps that allow the flow of drugs and migrants at the southern border, and tackling visa crossings, "he said in a statement." It is worrying that Verify was not mentioned. However, it will probably not be a law, but rather an explanation of the president's goals. The fact that it does not even require a modest overall reduction. "Immigration, but instead settlements decrease with increasing" competence-based "immigration, is very worrying."

But Trump said the plan would become a "clear contrast" represent the immigration plans of the Democrats.

"Democrats openly oppose borders, lower wages, and honest, lawless chaos," he said. "We propose an immigration plan that focuses on the jobs, wages, and safety of American workers."

Our plan is pro-American, pro-immigrant and pro-worker, "he said." It's just common sense. "

The Democrats rejected Trump's plan before it was even announced, pointing to a rise in Congress The chairman of the Senate Minority, Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., said on Thursday that the plan is "not a serious attempt at immigration reform."

The two years – who were struggling, even a simple one in the Senate Achieve majority, let alone 60 votes. "

Trump seemed to recognize the challenge of receiving democratic support in his comments from the Rose Garden:" If for any reason Reason, possibly politically, we can not get the Democrats to approve this performance-based high-security plan. Then we will approve it immediately after the election, if we retake the house, keep the senate and, of course, hold the presidency. "

Trump's immigration proposal comes when the administration separately addresses the more pressing challenge of illegal immigration on the southern border.


Customs and Bor The Protection reported that in April, it arrested or rejected more than 109,000 migrants attempting to cross the border, marking the second month in a row that exceeded 100,000

A bill by Sen. Lindsey Graham, RS.C., Wednesday would end asylum applications from Central America at the border and return unaccompanied minors to their home countries.

Gregg Re, John Roberts and The Associated Press of Fox News contributed to this report.

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