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Trump: Russia's Investigations Attempted "Putsch"

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                " We have nothing to do with Russia, except that in Russia in 50 years we were harder than any government, "said President Donald Trump. | Evan Vucci / AP Photo </p>
<p>  President Donald Trump called on the FBI's investigation into his campaign for 2016 and subsequent investigation into the electoral candidates of the Russian Federation on Thursday to "overthrow" his government. </p>
<p>  Hannity on Fox News "Hannity" in his first interview since the publication of the Mueller Report. "This was an attempted overthrow of the United States Government." </p><div><script async src=

The story continued

Trump insisted that Robert Mueller's Special Council Team that studied Russia's interference in the 2016 elections had "gone wild" to find out about the government, which was obviously to find was not there. "[19659004] Trump repeatedly said that the 448-page Mueller report, a revised version of which was released last week, proved to be no collusion and obstacle. He described the special advocate's investigation as a "one-sided witch hunt" of "angry democrats" who are "very serious trump haters".

"We have nothing to do with Russia, except that we were harder on Russia than other administration in 50 years," said Trump.

Trump said that the people in his campaign had suffered a lot from the Mueller investigation and that the investigators had "ruined" their lives for the past two years.

But he said the tables had turned when the Inspector General of the Department of Justice investigated the FISA investigation into the Trump campaign members' FBI investigation, adding that some of the individuals involved in the trial were "very nervous". should be. The department said the investigation is expected to be completed in May or June.

Trump called the FBI investigation into 2016 "the biggest political scandal in our country's history, bigger than Watergate again, because that's the case." That was a coup. This was not theft of information from an office in the Watergate Apartments. This was a coup attempt. "

" The biggest problem with the Müller report, he did not mention it. "Trump added later.

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