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Trump says he replaces McAleenan as DHS Deputy Secretary

President Trump said late Friday that he dropped Kevin McAleenan, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, after a term in which McAleenan cut down the border crossings but fought and fought with other high-level immigration officials, to gain the confidence of the president.

"Kevin McAleenan, as acting Secretary of Homeland Security, has done an excellent job. We worked very well with Border Crossings. Kevin now wants to spend more time with his family after many years in the government and go into the private sector, "said Trump about his best immigration officer.

McAleenan was frustrated with a squad of Trump's senior immigration appointments and recently told the Washington Post that he has trouble controlling his department. More stubborn numbers have attacked him because he is not sufficiently committed to the President's immigration agenda, while critics of the policy argue that he has used conciliatory rhetoric to cover hard measures] A person near McAleenan said he was on Friday after weeks of increasing disillusionment, resigned his reputation in the administration. He was never officially nominated for the job.

"What I can not control is the tone, the message, the public face, and the department's approach in an increasingly polarized time," said McAleenan in an interview with The Washington Post. "That's unpleasant, like the accountable, senior figure."

Ken Cuccinelli, acting director of the US Citizenship and Immigration Department, is considered a potential replacement for McAleenan. Virginia's former Attorney General has distinguished himself in this role through frequent television appearances, in which he often incriminates the affairs of other DHS agencies and occasionally acts as a more zealous spokesman for the President's immigration policy than McAleenan himself.

The sharpness between Cuccinnelli and leading GOP However, it would be a major obstacle to its approval, and the administration would have to carry out a series of bureaucratic maneuvers to abandon the succession order and place it in the role of acting secretary.

McAleenan's term of office The DHS was marked by the implementation of several controversial border policies that have significantly increased access to the US asylum system – measures it has defended as needed to restore the "integrity" of a US immigration system Backlog of almost one million pending cases.

McAleenan has been more isolated in recent weeks following the departure of Seves rale top helper and close ally in recent months. His relationship with other senior figures was also tense, notably Mark Morgan, Acting Commissioner for Customs and Border Protection, and Ken Cuccinelli, Acting Director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

McAleenan's exit leaves the barebones' leadership structure at DHS even thinner. Each major immigration office is headed by senior executives who the president prefers.

The DHS was founded after the terrorist attacks of September 11, and former US presidents attached great importance to a Senate-confirmed leader officiating The Department, which has 240,000 employees and an annual budget of $ 50 billion.

Trump, who claimed to prefer top officials to "acting" roles to facilitate their replacement, left McAleenan without a job job nomination for six months, longer than any other former DHS boss.

Deputy DHS secretary David Pekoske is the next to succeed McAleenan. Pekoske, who is also the chief official of the Transportation Security Administration, is the only other senior DHS leader confirmed by the US Senate.

Unlike McAleenan, Pekoske has no background in enforcing immigration regulations, and he has told others he would like to reinstate as a full-time TSA employee.

McAleenan's departure opens up the possibility for the president to seek a stricter line at the top of the DHS for his re-election campaign. In his Tweet Friday, Trump announced that he would appoint a new acting secretary next week.

Trump took McAleenan (48) to the head of the DHS after removing then secretary Kirstjen Nielsen. and told the adjutant that McAleenan had the look he wanted, with the slender, stern demeanor of a federal agent.

Trump was ready to watch the Border Hawks' warnings that McAleenan was an "Obama guy" California that has demonstrably donated to Democrats.

Trump said in July that he was preparing to transfer former ICE Director Tom Homan to the role of White House Border Czar. Homan did not accept the position, but several authorities officials have speculated that the president in the White House will set up such a role to coordinate the federal authorities responsible for immigration and border guard.

Asked last month why Trump did not nominate McAleenan for the DHS job, even though he is Prai After his appearance, the White House officials refused to comment.

"Secretary McAleenan is doing excellent work in implementing the President's plan to secure the southern border, erect the Wall, stop illegal immigration, and stop the dangerous practice of capture and release," Hogan Gidley said. the White House Deputy Press Secretary issued a statement to the Washington Post.

His departure leaves the president with the opportunity to put a tougher figure at the head of the department, which the advocates have

McAleenan's exit closes an almost 20 After the terrorist attacks of September 11, he was recruited for CBP to set up and run the agency's anti-terror bureau, and at 35, was responsible for the safety of LAX and 17 other airports responsible in Southern California.

McAleenan was appointed CBP Commissioner in March 2018 with a 77 to 19 vote sar confirms a moderate and a career official.

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