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Trump says he wanted to win a medal of honor

  President Donald Trump awards the Medal of Honor. "Title =" President Donald Trump awards the Medal of Honor. "/> </source></source></source></source></picture>
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<p>  President Donald Trump claimed he had laughed on Wednesday he himself was a medalist, but decided against it after he was advised by aides against the move </p>
<p>  The President's passing remark came during his address to the 75th Annual National Convention of American Veterans, a volunteer veterans service organization known as AMVETS. </p>
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At the event in Louisville, Kentucky , Trump was honored for the acclaimed veteran of World War II and Honorary Medal recipient Woody Williams.

"Thank you, Woody, you look good Woody, Woody looks great," Trump said.

"That was a great day, Medal of Honor, nothing like the Medal of Honor," he continued, "I wanted one, but they told me that I was not qualified. I said," Can I still give it? " They said, "I think that's not a good idea."

Trump concluded, "Great, great people. These are great men and women who receive the Medal of Honor of the Congress. Thank you, Woody. "19659004] The President's assessment that he should receive the country's highest honor for military bravery followed his testimony on Wednesday afternoon that he was" the Chosen One "in terms of his government's trade dispute with China – one Proclamation He Turned to Deliver.

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