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Trump says he will be guest of honor at Japan's "biggest event" in "over 200 years"

President Trump Donald John TrumpFeinstein, Iranian Foreign Minister, had a dinner amidst tensions: Report The Hill's Morning Report – Trump says no legislation until Dems checks out prepares Harris for a Phase 2 when she is trying to rejuvenate Campaign MORE Thursday bragged that he will be guest of honor at Japan's "biggest event" in "over 200 years" when he visits the country this weekend to meet with Prime Minister and new Emperor ,

During a spontaneous question and answer with reporters in the Trump, Roosevelt Room of the White House, was asked if he believes to be able to conclude a trade agreement with Japan in the near future. The President did not answer, but he did recreate the historical nature of his state visit.

"It's a very big deal with the Emperor," said Trump. "It's something that has not happened in over 200 years, I'm the guest, which means the United States is the guest, but Prime Minister Abe told me specifically," You're the guest of honor, there's only one guest of honor "You're the guest of honor." "

" With all the countries in the world, I'm the guest of honor at the biggest event they've had in over 200 years, "said Trump," so it's a great thing we get on very well with Japan, I get along very well with the Prime Minister, so we will spend two days there. "

The President will be the first foreign head of state to make a state visit to Japan following the enthronement of the new Emperor Naruhito The father of the emperor was the first monarch to abdicate the throne for over 200 years. At the beginning of the month a ceremony took place.

The role of the Emperor is largely ceremonial, but Naruhito's accession marks a cultural test in Japan Takehiro Shimada, Minister of Public Affairs of the Japanese Embassy, ​​said it was important that the American President be the first state guest after the enthronement underscore the importance of relations between the US and Japan North Korea will take a back seat during Trump's weekend trip, play golf with Abe, join the two in a sumo match, and become president with the emperor Meet banquet meals.

T Hull will return to Japan in late June when the country hosts the Group 20 Summit in Osaka.

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