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Trump says that Paul Ryan has given up a deal to finance the border wall

President Trump said in an interview that was published Wednesday night that former Parliament Speaker Paul Ryan R-Wis., Signed a contract to finance the border wall during the The Republicans had given up control of both Houses of Congress. In an interview with the conservative website The Daily Caller, Mr. Trump said Ryan promised to fund the wall if the president signed the spending bill for 2018.

"Well, I wanted to refuse the bus bill and Paul said in the strongest language: Please do not do that, we'll get you the wall." And I said, "I hope you mean that 'cause I do not like this bill,' said Mr Trump. 'Paul said to me in the strictest way:' Please sign this and if you sign it, we'll get this wall. ' What is urgently needed for our country: Humanitarian crisis, human trafficking, drugs, you know, everything ̵

1; people, criminals, gangs, well, we need the wall.

The president signed the $ 1.3 trillion bill in March to avoid a government shutdown and expressed regret hours later

"I will never sign such an account again," Mr. Trump said time. "I will not do it again. Nobody has read it. It's only hours old. "

Mr. Trump's comments on the Daily Caller came just days after he signed a bill to reopen the government after a record of 35 days, and the bill did not include funding for his Border Wall.

While Ryan was still the spokesman in December, the House passed a bill that included $ 5 billion for the Wall but the Senate had already passed a measure without this money deemed dead by her arrival in the Senate, as she needed 60 votes to pass, and Mr. Trump said he would not approve of a budget without funding the wall, which would cause the government to be closed.

Ryan came to an end Democrat Nancy Pelosi took over the position of House Speaker in 2018. Pelosi refused to negotiate with Mr. Trump and the deadlock lasted On January 25, when the President agreed to sign a compromise law for the reopening of the government without border wall funding.

Mr. Trump told The Daily Caller, Ryan "went lame duck", then it was "just an exercise in waving to the people and the power was gone, so I was very disappointed."

"I was very disappointed with Paul because the wall was so badly needed and I will get the wall," Mr. Trump said.

Mr. Trump's speech on the state of the Union was delayed due to the closure by 5 February. MEP Bonnie Watson Coleman, d. N. J., said she would invite an undocumented worker to be released as a cleaner at a Trump golf club following an interview with The New York Times.

Mr. Trump told the Daily Caller that some of the guests he is inviting will be "tied to the border, some of them will be people who suffered very badly because we did not do what we do in a very dangerous part our team should have done land. "

According to the website, Mr. Trump then instructed executives to set up a meeting to discuss the issue.

Mr. Trump also told The Daily Caller that he was "considering" asking the FBI to review his policy following the morning arrest of his former election adviser and longtime ally Roger Stone.

When asked about the investigation of Special Representative Robert Mueller Compared with the investigation of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock, Mr. Trump said: "Look at this compared to Russian frauds, it's a shame . "

Mr. Trump also told The Daily Caller he would let the Department of Justice decide how to handle Mueller's report. Müller's investigations in Russia are monitored by the Ministry of Justice.

"They must make their decision in the Department of Justice, they will decide what to do," Trump said.

In addition, the president said he had "never" spoken Deputy Attorney General Matthew Whitaker about the end of the Mueller investigation.

Whitaker said earlier this week that the investigation was "close to completion".

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