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Trump storms media that "work overtime" to blame him for the New Zealand massacre: "so ridiculous"

President Trump accused the media on Monday of trying to find ways to blame him for last week's massacre in two mosques in New Zealand that killed 50 people.

"The Fake News Media is working overtime to blame me for the terrible attack in New Zealand. They will have to work very hard to prove it, "Trump tweeted. "So ridiculous!"

A 28-year-old Australian citizen has delivered the terrible murders of mowing Muslim worshipers at Friday prayers in Christchurch. The armed man demanded responsibility and posted a white nationalist manifesto just before the murder rush.


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The Los Angeles Times published an article titled "Trump's Rhetoric Has The New Zealand attack not caused, but it does not help. "

Piers Morgan wrote a column For the Daily Mail, the headline read: "49 massacred innocent Muslims prove that words can have fatal consequences, Mr. President. If you do not cruelly despise the racist lunatics who claim to be inspired by you, they will be condemned by your silence.

"CBS This Morning" reporter Nikki Battiste cited part of the assassin's testimony that supported Trump's support of a symbol of "white identity" (but not for his policy), while "Morning Joe" audience Donny Deutsch speculated that the president would not make a strong statement because the victims are Muslims.


"I'll be curious about President Trump's reaction, he'll obviously condemn it, but his reactions, if it's a hate crime against Muslims or some I hope it's a full-hearted, angry condemnation and not in any way a withdrawn condemnation because Muslims were a target, "said Deutsch, before Trump spoke up against the police shooting.

Salons Chauncey Devega asked, "Does anyone have any doubt that Donald Trump inspired the New Zealand massacre?"

Devega added, "Trump did not express the trigger in Christchurch, but" the man who praised him as a symbol for "white identity". "

" During the second hour of "CNN Tonight" and almost without information [on] Sagittarius or Sagittarius, Intercept columnist Mehdi Hasan argued that "right-wing terrorism" was advancing the rise in the United States states and accused the president Trump for attacks both here and abroad, "said NewsBusters analyst Nicholas Fondacaro.

Acosta combined the language in the murderer's manifesto with what Trump had said in the past, while Don Lemon called Trump "ignorant" because he said that white supremacists are a small group of people. He added, "The racists believe he is a racist and supports him. He does not want to lose this support.

CNN, MSNBC, and other mainstream media have been filled with experts who either tie Trump's rhetoric to Trump or strike Trump for failing to do enough to condemn the massacre. A Monday morning CNN screen mocked the president for tweeting over various issues over the weekend without tweeting about the attack.

Reigning White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney pushed back, saying that Trump was not a white man It was unfair to characterize the New Zealand shooter as Trump's supporter.

Mulvaney's comments came during a discussion on "Fox News Sunday" about the murderer's 74-page manifesto, in which he calls himself a follower of Trump "as a symbol of renewed identity and common purpose."

"I'm a little disappointed, you did not put up the next sentence [about whether he supports Trump̵

7;s policies and leadership] and he said," Dear God, no, "Mulvaney said," I do not think it's fair to cast that person as Donald Trump's supporter . "

Greg Norman and Rob Gearty of Fox News contributed to this report.

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