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Trump sued Capital One, Deutsche Bank, to prevent compliance with subpoenas

President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and Capital One on Monday to try to block the congressional allegations for his business records, claiming that the House's Democrats only bully him.

Politico reported that Reps Maxine Waters, D-Calif. and Adam Schiff, D-Calif., called the Trump lawsuit "worthless." They claimed that Trump's lawsuit was a tactic to delay responsibility. Waters is the chairman of the Financial Services Committee and Schiff is the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.

Schiff said at the time that the subpoenas were part of an investigation "suspected of" alleged foreign influence on the US political process. "

Two house committees have Deutsche Bank and several other financial institutions earlier this month The lawsuit filed by Trump, his sons Donald Jr. and Eric and his daughter Ivanka was filed in Manhattan Federal Court, which includes the Trump organization and the Donald J. Trump Revocable Trust to the other plaintiffs

The Trumps want a federal judge to declare the summons to be unlawful and unenforceable.The lawsuit also seeks to prevent financial institutions from disclosing information and holding the subpoenas, and the banks did not immediately respond to requests for comment. 1


"This case relates sic h on Congressional summonses that have no legitimate or legitimate purpose, "The Times-acclaimed New York Times newspaper said. "The subpoenas were issued to harass President Donald J. Trump, to scour all aspects of his personal finances, his business, and the private information of the President and his family, and to search for material that might cause him political harm. There is no reason to designate a purpose other than a political one.

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