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Trump takes revenge after the Maduro regime in Venezuela arrests the chief of staff of the opposition leader

President Trump imposed sanctions on a Venezuelan bank in retaliation for the arrest of two policemen by strongman Nicolas Maduro against his political opponents, the State Department announced Friday.

Treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin joined the national development bank BANDES Venezuela with four US financial institutions. The Blacklist took place after the regime's security services seized Roberto Marrero, who serves as chief of staff for Juan Guaido, the supreme legislator whom Trump and other Western powers recognized as the country's interim president in January. The Maduro regime has also detained the driver of a leading Guaido lieutenant.

"The former Maduro regime is continuing its assault on democracy in Venezuela," Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Robert Palladino said Friday. "This action is in response to the unjustified raids on the houses of several Venezuelan leaders, including the Member of the National Assembly, Sergio Vergara, and the kidnapping of the Chief of Staff Roberto Marrero, the Interim President Juan Guaido and the driver of Vergara, Luis Aguilar." ] The sanctions are retaliatory, but US officials also argue that Maduro and his loyalists are carrying national money. "This action is aimed at a financial institution that uses the former Maduro regime to persuade the Venezuelan to steal stolen money outside of Venezuela," said Palladino.

A top regional diplomat argued that the world powers had "the responsibility to protect the Venezuelan people of Maduro," including the arrest of Marrero early Thursday morning.

"We want peace in Venezuela; There is no peace in Venezuela today, "said Luis Almagro, Secretary-General of the Organization of American States, on Thursday. "In Venezuela, there is a war, a war against the Venezuelan people. There is a dirty war, there is a war that uses conventional and unconventional weapons, like human rights. "

Almagro, the first international figure to call Maduro a dictator at the beginning of 201

6, called upon a United Nations doctrine to intervene against atrocities such as the genocide in Rwanda and the Srebrenica massacre of Bosnian Muslims by Serb forces to create after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The OAS chief stressed that he did not necessarily demand a military intervention against Maduro, but argued that it was "immoral" to reject the idea for good.

"Of course, there is violence that is unlawful," said Almagro. "National sovereignty is not unconditional when it comes to protecting human rights and maintaining a common human image of dignity. In any case, the principle of the responsibility to protect Venezuela needs to be analyzed. "

Sen. Marco Rubio, one of the most prominent supporters of Trump's attempt to topple Maduro, praised the sanctions when he warned Maduro on Thursday night that "Maduro is putting the international community's resolve to the test" by arresting Guaido's aides.

"President Trump sends a clear signal to Maduro and his thugs after the illegal arrest of Roberto Marrero, the chief of staff of Interim President Guaidó," said the Florida Republican on Friday night. "We will never stop working on enriching members of the Maduro crime family at the expense of Venezuela and its democracy."

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