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Trump targets Pell Grant funds to increase NASA's budget

WASHINGTON – The Trump administration plans to spend money on higher education Pell grants to fund new spending, including a $ 1.6 billion premium on NASA American astronauts by 2024 can bring back to the moon.

Following a budget change sent to Congress on Monday night, the government would use an additional $ 1.9 billion in excess Pell Grant money to fund other budget priorities, including an infusion of new cash for NASA can return to space in a BIG way! President Donald Trump has tweeted.

A number of proposed changes override some of the most controversial cuts proposed by Trump's government, including a cut in funding for the Special Olympics. The White House may address such requests, known as "resignations", to Congress for reclaiming unissued money that the administration considers lavish or unnecessary. The congress must agree, however.

The officials insisted that the reallocation of the Pell Grant money would have no impact on those currently receiving grants that help low-income students pay college.

"This does not cut spending on Pell Grant programs as the budget continues to ensure that all students receive their full Pell Grant program and keep the program financially sound," said Wesley Denton, spokesman for the Office of management and the budget.

has declined since 2011, which has led to a surplus of nearly $ 9 billion, according to the budget office. The government originally proposed using $ 2 billion of this surplus to finance other spending. With the new application, the total amount is $ 3.9 billion, which, according to the OMB, is comparable to the application in the 2018 budget. The government proposed a similar cancellation of the unsecured Pell grant for 2019, but later opposed it.

The decision to increase NASA's budget was announced on Monday in a series of tweets in which Trump promised a new era of space exploration.

"Under my leadership, we restore the size of @NASA and return to the Moon and then Mars," he wrote.

Vice President Mike Pence has called for the landing of astronauts on the moon within five years and has said NASA must "achieve that goal by all means". This summer marks the first manned moon landing for the 50th time.

The request for NASA funding comes as the White House signaled its reluctance to endorse an agreement to increase spending caps on domestic programs supported by both parties on Capitol Hill. Negotiations on a much-anticipated bill to support hurricanes and flood disasters have been sluggish, largely because Trump has voted against sending more reconstruction funds to Puerto Rico to help clear the island from hurricanes To recover in 2017.

Trump had previously announced plans included in Monday's request to reverse some of the budget cuts proposed by his government, including efforts to cash in federal funding for a large-scale Great Lakes clean-up program.

Trump told a gathering in Grand Rapids, Michigan, In March, he reversed the course regarding the proposed cuts and supported the allocation of $ 300 million this year for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, following him three Republican legislators during the state had advertised a ride from Grand Rapids Airport.

Trump's initial budget proposal had attempted to cut federal funding by 90%.

Trump also announced on this day that he would cancel his budget requirement to save $ 17.6 million for the Special Olympics, although criticism of Capitol Hill has waned.

Trump tweeted on Monday he had officially upgraded my budget to US $ 18 million for our GREAT @Special Olympics, whose athletes inspire and inspire our nation is PROUD!

And Trump said he would raise $ 200 million for the Army Corps of Engineers restoration work in the Florida Everglades this year, and invited Congress to "help us establish the world's largest intergovernmental recovery project water catchment areas as soon as possible.

In a letter to the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, who formally requested the changes, Trump said they were "necessary" to correctly reflect the priorities of his administration and would not require any new discretionary spending beyond his earlier application ,


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