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Trump terminates temporary immigration status for thousands of Liberians

"Many of these people have been in our state for decades, and they are an important part of our communities where they work as entrepreneurs, teachers and health care workers," legislators wrote, calling for an extension of

on Tuesday Emira Woods, a Liberian-American lawyer for immigrants, described the president's decision as a colorful mix. She noted the year the Liberians were facing deportation, but said the program's end would force them to give up living in the United States. "Many of these Liberians had children in the United States," she said.

The Deferred Enhanced Departure program for Liberians should expire on Saturday. Although he refused to renew the program, Mr. Trump, as he called it, ordered an "orderly transition" so that Liberians living in the United States could fix their affairs before returning to Liberia. This deadline will be 1

2 months, wrote Trump.

The decision on the Liberian program reflects the actions the Trump government has taken against other, larger groups of immigrants in the United States. Since taking office, the President has withdrawn the temporary status of protection for certain immigrants from El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua and Sudan, arguing that the conditions in these countries have improved significantly.

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