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Trump: The shutdown debacle leaves President making heavy decisions

"Does anyone really believe that I'm not going to build the WALL? In the first two years done more than any president! MAKE AMERICA AGAIN!", Trump tweeted on Sunday night, beating back the overwhelming media consensus he had previously had House keeper Nancy Pelosi trumps.

In the future, he would have to make a major change if he wanted to wrestle money for his border wall and revive a presidency severely damaged by the loss of the Democrats in the Democrats' first clash, a new era of shared government.

But any new strategy will expose the president to significant political risks and require the ability to operate the powerhouses in Washington that Trump could not show, even if the GOP had a monopoly on the power of Congress.

And extremely scary to the President, a true deal with the Democrats would require concessions that force him to do something he has never dared to do: to risk annoying his ultra-loyal political base.

The Unpleasant Reality If you now face Trump, and given the continuing political dynamics that have led to the closure, Washington seems to be prepared for a second goal ̵

1; or an offer from Trump to short the Congress by calling an executive used to build the wall that could trigger a constitutional firestorm.

The president's dilemma will arise during a three-week short-term ceasefire that was closed on Friday to end a closure in which 800,000 government employees were in chaos on time without multiple paychecks and the country's state infrastructure.

Negotiations will take place Between a group of Republicans and Democrats from the House of Representatives and the Senate seeking a border security plan that anyone can log out of.

However, in an interview with Sunday's Wall Street Journal, the president had little hope talks would work.

"Personally, I think it's less than 50-50, but you've got a lot of very good people aboard," he said, adding that he doubted he would limit his claim for $ 5.7 billion [19659002]

"Fair Deal" or New Standstill

Trump warned on Friday if he does not get a "fair deal" for a wall that the Democrats vehemently reject On February 15, the government would close again, or he would call on emergency forces to build them.

Trump's previous refusal to moderate his position takes into account the damage to his political standing in a deadlock that now looks like a grave miscalculation.

The impasse aggravated moderate voters and damaged its electoral numbers as well as united and encouraged Democrats. Trump's descent threatened his reputation among his base army, for whom his wall is an almost mystical rally affair.

For example, a second shutdown could become even more of a catastrophe for Trump.

For one thing, the Capitol Hill Republicans were frustrated with his strategy last month, and one could think twice about following the president into another political impasse.

"I do not know how a member of the administration or the Congress could believe that stoppage is a worthy goal." That's never, "Susan Collins, R-Maine, said on CBS" Face the Nation "on Sunday.

And Pelosi, who deserves her victory, seems even less open to Trump the kind of congressional compromise He said he had received money for the Wall and for the Democrats to argue that they had financed border security.

"Did not I feel free on a wall?" the speaker asked Friday

Trump in a Political Jam

Evidence that the pages are so deeply rooted as never before explains the growing expectations that the president will declare a national emergency or initiate another executive action Reprogramming money to fund the wall when the clock expires.

"By the end of the day, the president will secure the border in one way or another," said Mick Mulvaney, T's deputy chief of staff rump, on "Fox News Sunday". "

But what would a certain court dispute and a limitation of the sums of money the President could juggle mean that such a strategy could save the political face and unite its base, but it is unlikely that this will lead to a quick wall construction That could boost the uplift will be re-election race 2020.

This political jam is the reason why the president is now at a crossroads that could fundamentally change the character of his presidency and change the foundations of a political crusade that burned down Earth is based on emigration rhetoric.

The past few weeks have made it clear that Democrats who run the House of Representatives will not give Trump anything that looks like his election wall of a border wall without getting serious about it.

You probably would Trump requires that he undocumented immigrants who as Children are brought to the US, provide permanent protection, and even a path to citizenship for a group known as Dreamers.

Trump provided Temporary Transient Status Protection (TPS) temporary protection to DACA receivers and other migrants for three years to break the deadlock in the government settlement negotiations.

The Democrats, however, rejected this and argued that temporary protection against deportation against a permanent wall was hardly a good deal.

Even this limited offer pulled some traditional cheerleaders from Trump to the right side. Setting a permanent status for undocumented migrants could lead to a firestorm among supporters who consider such a move amnesty.

The changed balance of power in Washington has put Trump in a very ironic position, to get the wall he has to do something he has never done before: risk the connection to his base.

Could the White House grow up?

The Florida Senate, Marco Rubio, emphasizes that border security first needs to be guaranteed, and believes that the White House may be ready to become much larger than most people believe, as Trump it wishes

"I think he's ready to go further and do something sensible with people who have been illegally here for a long time but are not criminals," Rubio told Jake Tapper about "State of the CNN" Union.


Rubio understands more than most lawmakers the treacherous journey that Trump would face – given his own prospects for the president his former willingness to compromise on this issue have been undermined. [19659002] Trump has repeatedly disturbed on the threshold of swapping the DACA protection for money to build his wall, in app The agitation over how his base would react even if the Democrats would have been willing to spend $ 25 billion on border security if they could have turned them into wall builders.

It's a mystery why Trump, who has a connection to his politics, is a mystery unlike any other president The base was unwilling to test the limits of that loyalty, and while media such as Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Mark Levin have a huge audience, no one has ever populist, nationalist-conservative movement like Trump electrified.

And if any Republican president possesses the political credibility to lead the base of an immigration compromise, that would be Trump.

But the president has rarely sought to reach electorate outside of his own coalition, apparently believing that he can repeat his narrow path to 270 electoral votes again against all experts 2020.

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