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Trump threatens to close the southern border with warning of a breach

President Trump threatened on Thursday to close the southern border, accusing Mexico and the Central American nations of doing "nothing" as illegal immigration.

"Mexico does NOTHING to stop the flow of illegal immigrants to our country, they are all talking and not action, and Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador have been taking our money and doing nothing for years, the Dems do not care may the southern border be closed! "Trump tweeted on early Thursday.

The tweets of the president came after US Customs and Border Patrolman Kevin McAleenan found the border on the" border. " noted that there are not enough agents to respond to the flow of illegal immigrants crossing the border between the US and Mexico.


"This breakpoint hit our border this week," McAleenan said while visiting the border in El Paso, Texas. "The CBP is located along the entire southwestern frontier He also tweeted that this week they've seen the highest number of "arrests and encounters" in a decade ̵

1; over 4,000 in one day: "#CBP posted on Monday the highest number of concerns and encounters in over a decade. 4000 migrants were arrested or found on a single day in a single day. Yesterday, this record was broken again – 4117 in a single day. "

Last month, more than 76,000 migrants were arrested, the highest number of arrests in 12 years, more than 7,000 unaccompanied children. Data has reached more than 36,000 migrant families in the El Paso region last year, compared to about 2,000 last year, and the inflow has created new challenges for Border Patrol agents.


Wall along the border between the US and Mexico declared a national emergency to finance the barrier along the border.In this month, the president issued his first veto against one of the Democrats supported measure to lift the emergency.

On Tuesday, the House Democrats failed to veto Trump to suspend the matter so that Trump could advance the matter border emergency according to a law, with which he can shift the budget funds to cope with grim situations. His plan is to spend another $ 3.6 billion on military border-building projects. The Congress voted this year to limit spending on such barriers to less than $ 1.4 billion, and the Democrats accused Trump of ignoring constitutional control over spending by legislators.

Louis Casiano, Andrew O. Reilly by Fox News and . 19659013] The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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